Anita Roddick On Success



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5 Responses to Anita Roddick On Success

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Success is the manifestation of an individual dream, which as it is subjective to the individual can never be measured objectively.

    • Yes.But I wish I had heard these words before from people like Anita Roddick. I always was big on doing my own thing.But a lot of people made me feel like a failure for doing so.For a decade or so I tried doing what was expected of me and was even quite a “success”but paid for it in happiness and health and limited myself and wrote myself out of opportunities.I then quit because unhappiness is no compensation for being hailed for a success,Now a decade later. I am beginning to hear my name linked with the word success again.But this time the success is on my terms.

      • Alex Jones says:

        I learnt the hard way too, which is to live your own dream not the dream of others.

      • My lesson was that, to me personally the inner happiness I feel when giving my real self full untrammeled expression is more important than any happiness I get from being hailed a success,Awards and praise are nice but not worth suppressing my natural instincts for.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Well said. Prosperity I personally define as abundance, health and happiness.

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