Wealth Watch At The Mumbai Marathon


Tomorrow is a Sunday and its pretty chilly too in the mornings these days. But if you make the effort you can take in the the Mumbai Marathon tomorrow morning.You can pick a spot on the route shown in the map ab0ve.

The route passes through some of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Mumbai.So aside from watching the runners,you could observe the inhabitants themselves and their habits.For one,try this:Check out the car models in vogue.You will note the almost total absence of some car models in these areas.Observe the homes.the gardens,the choice of decor,the clothes etc.

Then among the runners ,you are likely to spot some millionaires,billionaires and their families.

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Group,the ambassador for Nanhi Kali — an NGO for the girl child — has enlisted for the dream run.He has been using Stepathlon — a unique, pedometer-based, mass participation event, which seeks to encourage fitness in the corporate world,to train for the effort.

Sajjan Jindal, chairman of JSW Steel, an avid squash player and athlete, has been an ardent participant in the Mumbai Marathon since its inception.His best time is 34 minutes for the Dream Run. Jindal  plans to run this year’s Dream Run with his son Parth, Jindal, is supporting the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association, Save the Children and Swayamsidh. It is reported that he  is persuading his two daughters and sons-in-law to run the dream run with him.So expect members of the Jindal family tomorrow.

Rashesh Shah, 47 years, chairman and CEO of the Edelweiss Group,is a serious marathoner. Last year, Shah, whose ambition is to set up a bank, completed the half marathon in 2 hours, 13 minutes. For Sunday’s marathon, Shah plans to shave off 10 minutes from his overall timing and finish the race in 2 hours and 3 minutes. He’s been training for six months and had taken part in the Amsterdam Marathon. Shah finds running marathons a “meditative experience”.

For Anil Ambani, who’s often seen training on Marine Drive with his trainers helping him keep pace, is a Mumbai Marathon fixture every year.He clocks a mean timing for the half marathon.Despite being busy with the wedding celebrations of his niece Nayantara Kothari,he is still expected to put in an appearance tomorrow,

In addition VIP corporate honchos like Deepak Parekh-Chairman of HDFC, YM Deosthalee-Chairman and MD of L&T Finance Holdings ,V.Vaidyanathan-CEO of CapitalFirst etc. and the RBI Governor D. Subbarao along with a 200 member team of the RBI will be participating.

This year,United Way,the cause neutral charity facilitator is likely to raise 17..05 crore rupees via the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

Each year the Mumbai Marathon has grown from strength to strength.More and more people participate and it has helped inculcate a sports culture in the city.The best pro marathoners are still Africans with an occasional person from a former Soviet bloc state.Maybe some day this too shall change.India is still no sporting powerhouse,but surely and steadily Indians are beginning to make a mark in international sporting events.

So far I have watched every Mumbai Marathon from my bedroom window.Each year I have promised myself that I will seriously attempt to build the fitness to at least jog the distance.So far the best I have done is walk the distance from Jaslok  to Hinduja Hospital.Last New Year I promised myself that I would run a bit every day on the 1.5 km promenade in front of my home till I could do the whole everyday,but I begged off making the dug up pavement an excuse.This year I started again.Of the 3000m in my route I have just reached 230m and I am targeting crossing one new item of street furniture each day.In fact I’m wondering if spending some money on some gadgets will make me more committed to sticking to my goals.Below are some of the coolest equipment available.I’m veering towards the pedometer and the Hydracoach. What do you think?running gadgets



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