The Four Types Of People

wealthymattersJ. Paul Getty categorized people into one of four general categories, as follows:

  1. Firstly, there are those who work best when they are working for themselves. They don’t want to be employed by anyone. They want complete independence. They don’t care for “job security”. Instead, they want to create their own security. They want to control their own future. In short, they want to be their own bosses, and take the associated responsibilities and risks, as well as the rewards of their running their own show.
  2. Secondly, there are those who, for whatever reason, don’t want to go into business for themselves, but work best when they are employed by others and share in the profits of the business. In this category you’ll find the top-flight salespeople, who like to earn a commission for everything they sell. 
  3. Thirdly, there are those who only want to be salaried employees, who work best when they are employed by others. They enjoy the security of a good salary. They are content with receiving a regular salary with the hope of the occasional raise. According to J. Paul Getty, they don’t have the initiative and independence, and perhaps the self-confidence as well, of those on the first two groups. By and large, these employees are relatively positive in their outlook — but they will not get farther than being, at best, the company’s chief executive officer (CEO).
  4. Lastly, there are those who work for others but who have a consistently negative attitude towards their jobs and employers. Their motivation is low. Their work could in fact even be a drain on the businesses they are working for. This category constitutes the majority of those who are employees, who will probably never get any higher than senior management, if at all.

“Luck, knowledge and arduous work – especially arduous work – are all necessarily for a man to become a millionaire. But above all that, he needs what can be called the ‘millionaire mentality’: that essential state of mind and conscience which mobilizes the intelligence and all the talents of an individual to accomplish his tasks and realize the goals he has set for himself in business.It is most likely to be found among men in the first two categories I have cited.”This is because they generally display initiative, dedication and conscientious cost control needed to make a business profitable and long lasting.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    I fit type 1.

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