Dick Davis On Stock Investing

wealthymatters.com1.Bad markets are always followed by good markets.

2.Times of peak investor withdrawal from the markets (capitulation) represent excellent buying periods.

3.No one can buy at the bottom or at the low.

4.There is no reason to buy all of a position in a stock at one time. Partial commitments make good sense in volatile markets.

5.A dollar-cost-averaging approach, strictly adhered to, eliminates the need for market timing and, in fact, works better in declining markets.

6.The odds of a stock participating in a future bull market are greater if it is a seasoned, quality issue than if it is not.

7.It is more difficult to make money on a short-term basis than on a long-term basis. Therefore, patience is the single most important attribute of the successful investor.

8.Since a long-term perspective best serves the investor, it’s important that he stay in good health physically, emotionally and career-wise, so he can add to his holdings and be in good shape to enjoy his eventual rewards.

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