Adam Smith On Smuggling


“The smuggler is a person who, though no doubt blamable for violating the laws of his country, is frequently incapable of violating those of natural justice, and would have been in every respect an excellent citizen had not the laws of his country made that a crime which nature never meant to be so.” – Adam Smith


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2 Responses to Adam Smith On Smuggling

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Smuggling has been a popular past time gathering plenty of folklore in Britain. Smugglers were regarded as folk heros.

    • Bombay too had big names in smuggling before liberalization.When the government stopped trying to keep people from better and cheaper goods smuggling died a natural death.Unfortunately many of the old timers are now back in government and they have no ideas other than imposing duties on goods to raise revenues.As result smuggling is getting a new lease of life.Lets see if our government brings back the dons and their gangs.

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