The Fortune In Your Palm

Still in the party mood?How about some fun?Why not do a bit of palm reading ?Here is what your palm is supposed to say about you:

wealthymatterswealthymattersPress your right hand’s thumb away from other fingers. If your thumb bends down easily and there are a lot of gaps between the fingers, then you are supposed to spend money easily or money slips away from you fast. [Fig 1]

On the other hand, if your thumb is stiff and doesn’t bend down easily and there are no gaps between your fingers then you are supposed to be calculative in money matters. You are supposed to be the sort of person who thinks twice before touching your purse. [Fig 2]


Then there are supposed to be some mounts and lines in the palm which make people  fortunate in financial matters. They are supposed to rise a person to wealth even if they are born poor.

The mounts of Sun, Venus and Jupiter should preferably be good in your palm. These regions below the fingers should be wide and high. Sun represents success in all matters. Venus is supposed to give a luxurious life and Jupiter leadership qualities. [Fig 3]

The next important thing is the Fate line. It is a line which generally starts at the base of the palm and ascends the Saturn mount. [Fig 3 FF] It should be straight, clear and a thick brown color without any breaks. This is supposed to give you a continuous inflow of money.

wealthymattersThe Sun line should be present. Generally the Sun line starts at the base of the palm and ends on the Sun mount. [Fig 3 SS] If this is not the case, it can start as a branch from Fate line and should reach the Sun mount. This line is believed to give success in financial matters.

Lines of Head, Heart and Life should be long and clear and without any blemishes. They represent physical and mental health which are essential to prosper in life.

As an example, consider the palm drawing of Queen Victoria who was the first British Queen of India. [Fig 4] All the mounts (planets) in her palm were supposedly very well developed. There was a long and clear Fate line, a Jupiter line and a Sun line. Is there any surprise that she became the Queen of a big country like India?


Some features of a palm are supposed to indicate poor financial prospects.They are as follows:

Most of the planetary mounts are low and depressed in the palm. The plain of Mars in the middle of the palm is also very low. When touched, we feel the nerves of the palm. This is supposed to represent debts, litigation and obstacles in life.

The back of the hand is coarse and the fingers are short and crude representing unrefined thoughts and actions of the person.

The the Fate line is absent. If present, it will be unclear, shallow and cut by multiple horizontal lines. The same applies for the other lines too. [Fig 5] It represents financial losses or lack of earnings.

Combinations for wealth yogas


When the Venus mount is good, Fate line is clear and Head line is long and it has a hook formation rising at the end [Fig 6], then you will supposedly become rich by your own efforts and intelligence.


When a line rises from the Life line and proceeds towards Saturn the mount [Fig 7], it is supposed to represent sudden gain of wealth or property. Or there will be a sudden advancement in the job









When there is a line rising from inside the Venus mount and reaching the Saturn mount [Fig 8], it supposedly represents wealth from one’s spouse. In some cases it is supposed to represent inheritance from relatives.









When there is a line rising from Moon mount and reaching the Saturn mount [Fig 9], the person is believed to rise in life with the help of others. It also represents wealth from women, either the mother or wife.








wealthymattersWhen there is a line rising from the middle of the palm and going to the Saturn mount [Fig 10], the person it is believed will face a lot of financial problems till  middle age. Their parents will have hard times during their childhood. But the person will achieve social status and become rich by their own efforts from middle age onward.







wealthymattersWhen the Fate line is curved and going towards the Jupiter mount [Fig 11], it is believed that there will be growth seen in the areas of politics, business and profession. This is believed to be an essential line that every political leader should have in his/her hands.








wealthymattersWhen the Fate line curves and goes towards the Mercury mount [Fig 12], the person supposedly gets tremendous success in  business. It also represents success in journalism and mass communication.









When the the Fate line divides into three branches at the end and they are proceeding towards the Saturn mount,the Sun mount and the Jupiter mount [Fig 13], it is believed to be a sure sign of great wealth, name and fame.








wealthymattersWhen there is more than one Fate line, it is believed to indicate earnings from more than one source [Fig 14]. Generally  two Fate lines are supposedly observed in the hands of double income couples.








wealthymatters.comwealthymattersIn some rare cases, there is  the formation of the letter‘M’ in the palm due to the combination of the Head line,the Heart line and the Life line. The symbol ‘M’ is supposed to represent money after marriage [Fig 15].It is believed  to be a sure sign of high earnings and growth after marriage. Such persons are believed to have a high income starting from the 35th year till the 55th year and become very wealthy. Good luck is supposed to bless them after marriage. The ‘M’ sign can be seen in the palm of the Telugu superstar and politician Chiranjeevi [Fig 16].

So boys and gals what has fate in store for you ?Have you any of these lucky signs?Do you find yourself suitably blessed?


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113 Responses to The Fortune In Your Palm

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  2. Raj says:

    I got M ..let me know i am special

    • Marius says:

      I have it too. We are special. Those who have such a letter on their right hand are healers and give their energy to others along with their success. When such a person remains alone, his success comes to him and depends on the years of success in the Chinese zodiac. True success will be revealed when living with the same person. That’s what I’ve checked my self. Those who have M on the left hand are energy keeper and enjoy the success of others. If two people, of which one has M on the right hand and the other with M on the left live together, then he who have M on left rest of life is verry lucky, and one who is on the right, the most beautiful moment of his life will be his death. They can’t divorce.

      • Keerthika Singaravel says:

        The first part I can attest to from my personal experience.
        The second half,I have no experience of ,being unmarried.

  3. Sachu says:

    I dont have fate line then what does it mean?

  4. Michael A. says:

    Got an M and a well defined fate line that bends to sun mount + 3 lines on sun mount.
    If you need a palm to interpret feel free to visit this site of mine, would love a comment – if you can confirm it really is an ‘M’ :-):
    Does it always represent inheritage in marriage ?
    Cannot see any relationship lines , they are very short if they are there, got one it seems right hand that is only like 6-7mm
    so that is not a lot , almost would make that ‘M’ meaningless if it really means marriage thing

    But very nice site else, good drawings, love

  5. Sandeep kumar says:

    Plz let me know ur email.

  6. Prashant says:

    I have 3 crosses between heart and head line. I can see M formation as well
    1st if I consider one line of 2nd cross joining heart and head lines and
    another with the fate line going straight to mount of Saturn originating from bottom of hand.
    In addition to this, I have a cross under mount of Jupiter and a light shaded Trident forming with the ending of head line.

    Does anything bad present in all these observations I have done so far.
    I can attach the image also If u would ask.

  7. Lalit vyas says:

    Hiiii keertika, jus wanted to know 1thing that having too many criss cross lines on Palm … What does it mean

  8. Dipesh says:

    Ok read my hands .. i will pay ur fee….send me ur A/c num….n one more things last tym i just send my right hands pic only….if u need my left palm pic ….i will send u…..

  9. Helen says:

    Hey can u read both palms in both hands thanks

  10. Dipesh says:

    Its ok but if u read i will pay ur fee…. how much u charge??

  11. Dipesh says:

    My palm pic

      • Dipesh,I no longer do free readings.I can no longer cope with the number of requests.In fact, I am ashamed to say that my backlog of paid requests runs a few months.I am truly sorry to not be able to make time but the sheer number of business and social commitments I have to honour at this point of time leave me with no other choice.

  12. Dipesh says:

    Plz study my plam….i want to knw abt my lyf as well as whole thing…

  13. Hi! Can you read my palm Pleaseeee 🙏 I’m just surfing in the net and i find this interesting please read my palm i want to know something about my future😭😭😭

  14. M.Kashyap says:

    My fate line starts from mount moon and ends on the mount of sun.What does it indicate?

  15. Ravneet Kaur says:

    Hi dear keerthika m in overseas from last 5 years bt still struggling if u could study my palm nd reply ne ASAP plz I wanna be setteled here thx but wt I Hv to do for it

  16. Ayush Verma says:

    Keerthika can you please study my palm as i am very distressed, nothing is going according to the plan.

    • Ayush what sort of reading do you need?

      • Ayush Verma says:

        I just need to know the basics. i mean i took various competitive MBA exams in 2013 but couldn’t make it to any renowned colleges. But now i m planning to go abroad and study and will take the entrance for the same in december this year, what are my prospects of studying abroad and will i be successful, i just need to know that, if you suggest otherwise then i shall change my approach towards my career. so yea, all in all i need to know about my career, thats it, and not necessarily everything but whether i’ll be able to make it to a renowned university. thanx. ill appreciate it if you reply quickly. thanks

        • Ayush,
          I have made personal palmistry queries on this site a paid service.Link.
          If you are still interested,please deposit Rs 100 into my ICICI sba/c 041401501858 and provide me a link to clear pics of your palms.I will then try to answer you within the day.

  17. kuldip says:

    Im 22yearsi have m line in my right hand,some say m line shows distress…..

  18. Hamza Safdar says:

    i have M on both hands I am left handed but it is not clear in left hand as compare to right hand .
    I want to it is the indication.of what ?

    • The left hand is believed to indicate what fate gives you and the right hand what you make of yourself.So the interpretation is that you act in a way to maximize your ability to make money after marriage.

  19. Ayush Verma says:

    keerthika i would very much appreciate it if you could study my palm and reply me quickly as i want to be absolutely sure regarding the investment i am to take if i will pursue this dream of mine. please please please reply quick

  20. Ayush Verma says:

    this is the most clear of them all

  21. Ayush Verma says:
    this is just another angle
    please do reply quickly

  22. Ayush Verma says:

    these are the links to the images
    thank you

  23. Ayush Verma says:

    Hello Keerthika,
    I am planning to take various competitive exams towards the end of this year. could you kindly tell me whether i ll be able to accomplish what i want, and i am also applying to the universities abroad, i want to pursue MBA. And i m uploading the images of my palm through imageshack. please do reply ASAP.

  24. Sukh says:

    Hi how do i send you picture of my palm for reading

  25. Trish Peterson says:

    I can’t tell if the lines are there could you check my Palm

  26. rag says:

    i want to know about my career job and marriage and family life in future, can u tell me?

  27. M.A.Baseer says:

    Yes! i have ‘M” at my right hand and i am married & i have 2 kids as well and i am employee daily lots of money comes to me in my hand for my company uses. but not my own money then how i became rich keerthika?

    • While Indian palmists traditionally interpret an M in the palm as a sign of money after marriage,in the West its taken as a sign that a person can manifest money when in need.
      Have you ever been in need of something and not found that something or other works out and you get whatever it is you need?
      As for becoming rich,perhaps you should read this and start practicing the principles.Link

  28. rahul says:

    i am going through a very hard time right now, if you could please tell me what my future would be regarding money and evrytin else,it would be a great help. here is the link in imageshack

    • Rahul,the lines in your palm are very faint,even using the magnifying feature in Image Shack I can’t see them all clearly.Can you send me a close up pic?

      • rahul says:

        thnx a lot for going through it, here’s another close up pic…

      • rahul says:

        i wish you can reply me soon as i check out every day for a reply and if u may want to know i am in final year of my engineering and i am 23 years old. Hoping for your reply soon and i would be very grateful to you if you do so

      • rahul says:

        and if you can save the image and magnify it with some other software then you may see the lines clearly, Hope i am not annoying you.

        • Rahul,sorry to keep you waiting.I have been rushed off my feet these past few days and your palm needed careful study as you don’t have any major signs that immediately stand out.
          Your palm shows that you will face a major confusion about career due to the split in your destiny line.There’s no help for it,you have to muddle through it as this is your destiny.However I also see signs of minor wealth accumulation and responsibility over people.
          My reading is that you might find a place in the corporate world and be responsible for a team.You may never become super rich buy you will be comfortable.
          So cheer up.Focus on your exams.Then take up whatever jobs/assignments you are offered.You will go through stresses but will finally settle in and do OK.Just go with the flow and make the career decision when you have to.

      • rahul says:

        thnx a lot 🙂 so i would get a job atlast? and if not super rich atleast rich? and if you can tell me what kind of job i could have any specification you can tell please?

      • rahul says:

        ok thank a lot 🙂

    • rahul says:

      hey should i expect a reply regarding the job angle?

      • Rahul,I’m sorry but I am really busy with work and have little time for blogging.There are already some 10 people in queue before you.If you could wait a bit,then I might be able to give your question some time,else I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.
        I’ll study your pics again ASAP and if you have subscribed to follow comments of this page,you will find you answer in your mailbox,so you don’t need to check out this dozens of times a day.Hope this helps,but this id really the very best I can do.Sorry.

      • rahul says:

        hmmm ok m just curious to know

      • Rahul go for technical support and if you can deal with the stress, sales support jobs,

      • rahul says:

        is there a possiblity of getting into a government job?

      • rahul says:

        ok thnx a lot 🙂 really i mean it 🙂

        • You’re very welcome!
          Best of luck for your exams!
          Some 15 years ago I too was in a similar position.Looking back,all I can say is that,at the time I didn’t know how much harder things could get,nor how much more I could take and survive.Without my failures I would not be what I am today.And if I could have seen myself as I am today 1 5years ago,I might have awed myself.I have managed to go far ahead of my biggest goals 15 years ago.
          In time you too will look back and be surprised at how far you have come.Trials make you.So persist.You never know where you will ultimately go.

      • rahul says:

        thnx a lot 🙂 it was very much inspiring and best of luck to you too, i hope you are sucessful in all your endeavours and happiness follows you 🙂

        • Rahul we make our own happiness and no one can succeed at all times.If you do,it means you are not pushing your own limits.If an engineering student scores 100 in a class 4 math exam,its nothing to applaud.

  29. raghav says:

    Hi!!This is Raghav again…here are the pics of my right-palm…as u asked for:

    IMAGE 1-
    IMAGE 2-

    Copy and paste the link in adresss bar.

    • raghav says:

      plz reply

      • Raghav
        You do have an M in your palm.But given the lightly etched destiny line and the absence of common indicators like the sun line meeting the marriage line,I’d say your wealth is going to be built by hard work rather than chance or an illustrious marriage.Writing of some sort will probably bring you wealth.
        Moreover as you are only 15,wait till your mid 20’s to see if your destiny line thickens.

  30. raghav says:

    hi…plz help me out if u can…i have dat “M” in both the hands…and on the right-hand my fate line starts and after running some lenght a branch shoots up from fate line which cuts the head and heart line(forms “m”)..whereas the other branch(from which the upward branch shoots up) ends at the head line. So on both the hands two “M” are made which are:

    First one:”M” made by head-line+heart-line+branch of fate line+fate line
    Second One:”M” made by head-line+heart-line+branch of fate line+life line

    plz tell me the siginificane of having this y shaped fate line and will this M sign really help me?

    Other details:
    i am 15yrs old
    my kundli also says dat i will obatain wealth after marriage.

    • Raghav
      To make things clear, can you upload pics of your palms?
      The Ms are variously interpreted as money after marriage or as the ability to manifest money when needed.
      That your palm reinforces what is said in your kundali is a good sign.
      At 15 aren’t you a bit too young to be obsessing about marriage and obtaining wealth thereafter?
      Study,acquire life skills,start making money and supporting yourself,see the world,start working om wealth building and let life and fate unfold.
      Don’t marry in haste to kick start making money or worse try to marry money.In either case you will have regrets that no amount of wealth will erase.

      • raghav says:

        u dont worry about my age…i am not being rude but i am a diff. kind of a person…since my childhood i’ve had only one thing in my mind..dat is to become successful person in life..a SELF-MADE person in life with success.And currently i have set my goals for future…and really working hard upon them…but i thought if these things would have any influence on my future….so i can upload my palm images…plz tell me ur email?I beleive in hard work more than this \..but still..wanted to give it a try.

  31. Gaurav Pawar says:

    Hi… I have magical “M” signs on my both the hands & a fate line dividing in three branches towards Jupiter. What will you predict for this???

    • From your description,growth in wealth after marriage,attainment of power over the lives of other people,probably in business or government,and loss of this power in later years.

      • Gaurav Pawar says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        Well, actually i have magical “M” in both the hands, and fate line dividing in three branches (it is dividing from head line i.e. Head line is middle branch and one on left & other on right side) it is below Middle finger, i think saturn. What will you predict for this???

        Thanks & Regards,
        Gaurav Pawar

  32. oscar martinez says:

    on both hands i have what looks like 7s (sevens) they are deep and no breaks just two lines that look like 7s?

  33. akash varshney says:

    I have M like picture no 15 but i have no money at present.I always struggle for money . 😦

    • How old are you?Are you married?Which palm do you have this symbol on?
      People with this symbol are supposed to be able to manifest wealth by desiring it.When they are in need,something always happens to ensure they have the money they need.
      Perhaps you could try this visualizing technique:Link

  34. seeker says:

    That is interesting.

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  36. susheel says:

    i have the M sign on my both hands, what can you tell about this.

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