Ratan Tata On Dealing With Negativity


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10 Responses to Ratan Tata On Dealing With Negativity

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Negativity is a great building material as I have also found.

    • So how do you build your monument?

      I haven’t built any monuments .I merely try to quit thinking about what is said or done and stop letting the negativity get a grip on my emotions.I find that telling myself that paying attention means letting others win.And that I will remain at their level.My goal is to forge ahead where they won’t matter.

      But Ratan has found a way to use other’s emotions to propel ahead.I wish I knew how. Wouldn’t this be like judo where an opponents strength is used against him?

      • Alex Jones says:

        There is a saying, “life throws you lemons, make lemonade”.

        It is easy, every negative experience is a hurdle to jump over. I spin a negative into a challenge, thus it becomes something to attack by either changing some aspect of my process or using it as a jumping board into a new position.

        • Something to attack….let me try that.

          • Alex Jones says:

            Let me know how you do.

            • Of course.
              2 people have questioned my ability to have a plantation where there is jungle today.One of them has problems with my inexperience and sex and the other with my lack of connections and slow way of working.
              So far I have largely tuned them out and focus on putting one foot ahead of another.I think they are speaking of their limitations not mine.

              • Alex Jones says:

                Every piece of feedback is useful, good and bad, to examine in self honesty. The opponent will go for a weakness, and reveal it, thus any weakness can be improved and worked into a strength. If an opponent talks about inexperience, lack of connections, slow way of working, all these elements are addressable. Any criticisms about gender is mere insult and can be ignored.

                • Can we also question the “experience” of the experienced and how relevant it is?Especially when the person assumes that due to inexperience I might not have some things covered.Fact I had a lawyer take care of the issue right at the beginning.
                  As for connections I don’t think a great show of force is needed.In any case people come into our lives,often by chance and stay as long as we deal well with them.Networks and connections are made all one’s life.You don’t need to be born with them.And asking nicely often gets you all the help you need even from strangers.
                  Yes I am slow.But I wish to be thorough and don’t wish to squander scarce resources in an attempt to gain a few hours or days,at least till I make more than I do now,
                  Anyways I believe I will be pocketing stable returns from the project in 7years and will continue to do so for the next 35 at least.

                  • Alex Jones says:

                    All limits are easily overcome by either working on them or creatively finding a solution such as hiring an expert in a given field of expertise.

                    Good luck in your project.

                    • I think with the help of the neighbouring farmers and village people and the agricultural scientists from the agricultural university will have greatly reduced the risks due to my ignorance and inexperience,This crop is the dominant one in the region and I am doing nothing new in the first 5 acres or first 3 years,till I have better practical experience to evaluate technical innovations.

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