Is Saving In Silver Better Than Saving In Gold ?

wealthymatters.comSilver is the poorer cousin of gold and shows more volatility.However it is also considered a precious metal.So how does it compare to gold as a savings/investment?Where would you be today if you had bought and held silver for the last three decades?Follow this link to your answer :Long Term Returns From Silver Vs SENSEX

So silver would have given you marginally better returns.However you would have had to stomach its greater volatility.And worrying for 30 years just doesn’t seem worthwhile.

Also like gold, silver returns adjusted for inflation are pretty underwhelming and gets beaten by equity returns by a big margin .And in times of negative real returns silver like gold shoots up in price.

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3 Responses to Is Saving In Silver Better Than Saving In Gold ?

  1. Alex Jones says:

    I have invested in silver, being the poor cousin of gold. Silver would make a good currency in place of gold in my opinion.

    • Silver would be the metal of choice for everyday purchase.
      Have you seen the Panams?They were actual gold coins in circulation in the medieval period in South India.They were so small that they needed special trays with holes to count with them.They were bound to be nuisances in day to day transactions.
      How long have you had your silver?What has been your experience in the UK?In India it would have given similar returns in 30 years to gold after adjusting for inflation.How bad has inflation been in the UK in the last 30 years?As bad as us?

      • Alex Jones says:

        I have not come across Panams. I started investing in silver by buying it five years ago. Certainly I would make a tidy profit by selling it raw today. I however keep the silver as a back up security, as a cheaper source to buy than gold. People apparently don’t recognise silver as a method of trade at the present time in the same way as gold. With silver there is problems of VAT which gold lacks. Inflation like in all nations has eaten away at the value of money in UK. We have an obsession of keeping inflation under control through use of interest rates.

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