Mint Marks On Coins Of The Republic Of India

The mint mark tells us where the coin was made. There are 4 mints in the country operated by the government of India, for the production of coins.

wealthymatters.com1. Noida mint has a dot under the coin date (year of issue)
2. Kolkata mint has no mark under the coin date
3. Hyderabad mint has a mark of a star or a diamond below coin date
4. Mumbai mint has mark ‘B’ or ‘M’ under the date of the coin










Apart from 4 Indian mints , the Government of India also mints coins in foreign mints, they are:

1) * below 1st digit of the date – Taegu Mint, Korea
2) * below the last digit of the date – Seoul Mint, Korea
3) ‘C’ below date – Royal Mint Ottawa, Canada
4) Diamond below the 1st digit – Royal Mint London, UK
5) ‘H’ below the last digit of the date – Birmingham Mint, UK
6) Letter ‘M’ in oval below date – Pretoria Mint, South Africa
7) ‘U’ below the date – Tower Mint, UK
8) Letter ‘O’ above & ‘M’ below date – Mexico City Mint
9) Letter ‘MK’ in circle – Kremnica Mint, Slovakia
10) MMD in oval below the date – Moscow Mint, Russia

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4 Responses to Mint Marks On Coins Of The Republic Of India

  1. I found this blog very interesting…Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    My town of Colchester used to be a mint both in Celtic and Roman times.

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