For The Ladies…… Ladies,here are a few figures from the Fortune list of top 10 best paid women business executives in India.Agreed pay packages are very different from incomes.Also incomes do not automatically translate to wealth…….but pay packages are public information and a great place to start a bit of goal setting…..

1#Kavery Kalanithi-Executive Director of Sun TV Network and wife of Kalanithi Maran. Pay package Rs 57 crore (pa)

2#Urvi A Piramal-Chairman, Peninsula Land.Pay package:  Rs 7.3 crore (pa)

3#Preetha Reddy-Managing Director, Apollo Hospital Enterprises.Pay package: Rs 6.9 crore (pa)

4# Vinita Singhania- Managing Director,JK Laksmi Cement Rs 5.9 crore(pa)

5#Vinita Bali– Managing Director, Britannia Industries.Pay package: Rs 5.7 crore (pa)

6#Renu Sud Karnad– Managing Director, HDFC. Pay package: Rs 5.1 crore (pa)

7#Suneeta Reddy– Joint MD, Apollo Hospitals,Pay package: Rs 5 crore (pa)

8#Chanda Kochhar- MD and CEO, ICICI Bank.Rs 4.24 crore (pa)

9#Arathi Krishna- Joint MD Sundram Fasteners.Pay package:Rs 4 crore (pa)

10#Rupa Gurunath- Whole Time Director, India Cements Rs 3.9 crore(pa).


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