Bhau Beej

Yama and Yami

Bhau Beej is the last day of Diwali.On this day, sisters applies tika on their brother’s forehead and offer them sweets. In return, she receives gifts for her gesture. An age old tradition, Bhau-Beej has an interesting mythological story attached to it.It is said that Yama,The God of Death, visited his sister Yami/Yamuna on this day of Diwali and she welcomed him with garlands and by applying tilak on his forehead. Yami also prepared and served Yama his favourite dishes. Touched by her gesture, Yam announced that anybody who had a tilak applied to his forehead on this day by his sister will be blessed by him. Since then, Bhau Beej is observed as a symbol of love between brothers and sisters.

The fifth Day of Diwali is for visiting friends and relations and renewing social bonds.

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