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    Odd I was just talking about this very issue with a young man a couple of days ago…but I wonder if by DOING differently we aren’t actually THINKING differently?…btw…a friend of mine and I have started a rather unconventional think tank…we call it The Think & Do Factory…be encouraged!

    • Doing differently might flow from thinking differently.
      I put up these words to tell myself to just do more and think less.By nature I am a person who tends to stand aside and think too much.I tend to get self critical and in the process I lose opportunities to make money.
      These are words spoken by GS Bhalla of Cocoberry. Personally I think his product is crap but he has been able to get VC funding and franchise his product.The quote is to remind me to be less of a perfectionist and just go ahead and grab opportunities.
      The Think & Do Factory sounds interesting…..what have you and your friend been doing recently?

      • Making money is an interesting goal…nearly every business since the dawn of enterprise has had held it as a goal…except I think what we have now is no longer a desire to make money…I believe we have entered the age when all the means to make money are to be used no matter what their ramifications…if we need to build huge crushing debt to the extent that it will eventually implode the company, well so be it, at least we can reap huge profits in the mean time…do we need to build an infrastructure and culture built on lying, stealing, and conniving in order to gain outlandish profits, well so be it, do we need to push more and more responsibility downline to the point where we have higher turnover than ever in history, but we make more money than ever in history, well so be it…do we need to remove every type of moral and ethical restraint to make higher and higher profits,well so be it.

        That is why my company LifeRevelation is not based on making money. Our business model does not even discuss money. Here is our vision motto: DO IT RIGHT, NO MATTER WHAT. Pretty simple isn’t it? What does it mean? Well it means that we conduct ourselves in a way that is right. We do not bend any ethical boundaries, we don’t cheat, we don’t lie, we don’t shade anything, we don’t create illusions, we don’t claim something that isn’t so, we don’t demand more that our employees can give, we don’t say one thing and do another.

        We are honest…if we make a mistake, we admit it…if we fail we say we are sorry and we mean it, and we correct the failing…NO MATTER WHAT…so the circumstances don’t dictate our response…our response is DO IT RIGHT.

        So far the Think & Do Factory has one client Logika, International, LLC. We are developing their internal culture and lending assistance with content development. We have others who have expressed interest, but before we take anyone else on we want to insure that what we believe will actually work. We both truly trust in our beliefs, but we also want to be able to show the results with benchmarks and metrics.

        Success is an odd cat and represents many different things to different people. I am interested in building a completely different business structure than the one used in today’s world.

        Sorry for the length of my reply…I am famous for being REALLY long winded, but this is subject that is close to my heart…thanks for sticking with me this long…be encouraged!

        • Not at all.Long replies are fine,Fancy you should talk about the huge debts of companies!

          When I lived in the US a couple of years back, I was astonished by the amount of debt managements were willing to take on and the amount lenders were willing to lend to such indebted companies.Neither would be so easy in India.

          Most entrepreneurs I had occasion to meet, didn’t seem to think beyond doing an LBO. Pitching to Angels and VCs and trying to take a company public or franchising it and becoming a millionaire/multimillionaire or living the lifestyle at least.

          Even bootstrappers seemed to have fully bought into the concept of laying down money to make money.

          No one seemed to ask any questions about why things cost what they did and whether there might be a better/different way of doing things.In fact talking cost seemed to be considered cheap.In fact I met with a person with a plastic manufacturing outfit in China who told me that no worthwhile business could be set up without half a million dollars at least,and you guessed right-the money was all borrowed.

          After a while I understood that the US was a country with a lot of money in circulation and few really good avenues of investment.So a plethora of money managers were plying their trade and since finances are so easily available, a lot of marginal ideas and businesses were getting funded.No one wanted to ask the question of whether anything was a good use of money for it would cost livelihoods.

  2. Alex Jones says:

    I wonder if it is a bit of both, thinking and doing differently.

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