So How Much Do People Make Online?

I dare say all of you have come across spam that goes “I made a zillion dollars online and so can you.Just follow my patented system…..” Besides this sort of  obvious tall tale,there are lists of top ranking blogs and websites and their estimated incomes.All this begs the question of how much ordinary people can make online.The following are figures published by the ET.

Self publish books: upto Rs 15,000 p.m.

Make and sell apps: upto Rs 50,000  p.m.

Sell photos online: upto Rs 10,000  p.m.

Sell old stuff online: upto Rs 50,000  p.m.

Start an online shop: upto Rs 25,000  p.m.

E-tutoring: upto Rs 10,000  p.m.

Earn from advertising: upto Rs 5,000  p.m.

Work online for money: upto Rs 30,000  p.m.

The ET (= Economic Times )is a pretty well esteemed financial paper from India,so I hesitate to dismiss these figures out of hand,especially as my experience of making any money online is restricted to one off sales online and now this blog.However, in no case have I come close to these figures.

What about you?Have you come close to these figures or exceeded them?I would love to hear your story.Please do leave comments about your experiences making money online.

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8 Responses to So How Much Do People Make Online?

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Another tell-tale sign of a scam is the promise of they made $1000 in 1 hour and all you need to do is send $100 to learn the secret.

  2. My favorite line touting the “latest and greatest way to wealth” and “just a few clicks and you’re on your way to becoming the next George Soros” is the one that says, “These results may not be what you achieve.”

    In the old days when we relied on written mail, I used to be bombarded by invitations explaining the potential of making money in mail order. After doing a lot of research, I found that the single biggest item that was sold by mail order was information on how to make money in mail order.

    Nothing much has changed, except that previously to be in mail order you would have to pay for printing, postage and paper. Now people have the ability to spam themselves to “success”. The investment is now smaller – which is probably why we all receive so many solicitations for the latest and greatest “system”.

  3. sharechair says:

    I’ve only used ebay. But I started using it back when it first began so over these many years I have been happy with the results. Ebay has changed a lot, though. In the beginning it was mostly individuals selling things, but now it seems inhabited by many businesses. However, I have sent many unwanted items through the ebay system and have a steady paypal balance as a ‘reward’. I used it just last week, actually, to unload a few unused Wii games in the household. They sold quickly, thankfully, so I guess there are still plenty of eBay buyers out there. 🙂

    • Yes.I too have found it better and easier to recycle/reuse good stuff using craigslist,e-bay etc.I mostly put up books for sale.But I can’t say I made anything substantial from such efforts.A few thousand rupees overall, over a few years,

    • I too have found the internet a good place to recycle/reuse stuff.I mostly put up books when I am done with them.But I can’t say I earned anything other than peanuts from the efforts.Guess I just don’t buy too much of what I don’t want in the first place.

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