The World’s Most Expensive Watches

201-carat Chopard
Price: $25 million

At the center are a 15 carat pink diamond, a 12 carat blue diamond and a 11 carat white diamond.They are surrounded by 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds.

Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication
Price: $11 million

This 18 carat gold pocket watch made in 1932.It took Patek Philippe 4 years to make.It was a bespoke piece for New York banker Henry Graves, Jr.This watch set a record for pocket watchs in 1999 when it was auctioned.

Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time
Price: $4 million

This watch was sold for $4 million in an auction in 2002.It displays time across the globe.

Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile
Price: $1.5 million

Only seven such pieces  exist.It has 834 parts and takes over 10.000 hours to be produced.

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon
Price: $1.3 million

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon watches have 688 parts.Only two pieces are produced a year, one in platinum and the other in rose gold.

The Chopard Super Ice Cube
Price: $1.1 million

The watch is studded with 66 carats of diamonds.

Hublot Black Caviar Bang
Price: $1 million

This is the only piece in the world and its case is made of 18 carat white gold  black diamonds.

 Louis Moinet Magistralis
Price: $860,000

The piece features a genuine lunar meteorite

Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication
Price: $800,000

 This watch’s mechanism consists of 740 handmade parts.

Breguet pocket watch 1907BA/12
Price: $734,000





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15 Responses to The World’s Most Expensive Watches

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  2. zap197842 says:


  3. thomasbryan says:

    Most of the people have great idea of diamonds, but some people have no knowledge about the diamonds, so on seeing like this site people can get more information’s in it…thank you.

  4. Pat says:

    If I wore one of these, I would lose it, break it or stop it in under a minute.
    Can’t even manage to keep the £5. ones around for more than a day or two.
    Last one I had caught on someone’s door as I was leaving their house and threw itself across the drive into the flower bed.
    The result was not pretty.

    • I don’t believe the pieces on the list are meant to be worn any longer.They probably live in safes and travel under armed guard.

      • Pat says:

        Just goes to show how daft/weird they are.
        Anything that lives in a safe and travels under armed guard is a waste of the world’s resources.
        I include money in that.
        Nice article though.

        • Thanks.
          I too wonder about spending money on luxuries when there is so much poverty around and so many useful things that could be done with the money.
          But I do acknowledge the sense in the opposite viewpoint.
          When Mr.Mukesh Ambani built Antilla, a lot of people criticized him for spending so much money on a house when India had so many poor people.Each room in Antilla is furnished opulently and the decor in no two rooms is identical.A preference was given to Indian artisans and Indian luxury products.
          Mr.Ambani’s reply to his critics was that if people like him didn’t patronize artists and crafts men,they would be forced to destitution.
          So what looks like ostentatious display might do good where austerity doesn’t.Indian artisans no longer have royal patronage and these arts are bound to die out without buyers.Artisans are often subsistence farmers and their families who use their skill to make ends meet.
          I see these watches in that light.A way to encourage art/craft and preserve something beautiful.

  5. Nicole says:

    They are beautiful watches, but no way I’d ever pay that much for one! I used to wear watches all the time…until cell phones become prevalent. Now I just look at my cell phone when I’m out and about. I still do have a very nice watch in good working condition that was given to me as a gift years ago.

    • Few of us, unless we are very well off collectors,or sponsors of museums,or luxury watch companies are likely to buy these watches at these prices.They might gain in value but they are unlikely to produce an income.Unless we are lucky enough to inherit or be gifted one,luxury watches are the sort of things to buy only after securing all our financial goals.
      And it is true many of these elderly pieces might be a few minutes off.They are definitely not as reliable as the modern, machine made,mass produced,quartz-watches!
      Cellphones have really become a substitute for watches to tell the time.But as you point out its still nice to have a good dress watch and watches make excellent gifts to mark special occasions.

  6. Alex Jones says:

    Beautiful for those who can afford such luxuries.

    • Beautiful for all and those who own them are fortunate indeed!
      But seeing what sort of watch becomes prized over time we know the sort of pieces to pick for our everyday use.Good watches are expensive but not all cost a million dollars.A few thousand dollars will start getting you good ones and they last and last.So buy them to last, enjoy them over a few lifetimes and if you picked right, your family will have a heirloom.
      Another way to play the watch game is to buy vintage watches in good condition and having all the original parts.They often cost a fraction of the original showroom price and will give you the same performance as long as you know a good watch smith.Now it is just dealing with the feelings of owning something second hand.I just tell myself that wearing an old second-hand watch is not very much different from wearing a watch originally bought by some family member I never knew in life.
      Another trick is to buy watches made of precious metals.Even in non working condition they are bound to worth at least the value of the extractable metal.

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