Three Good Guides

wealthymatters.comThis post is just my personal notings from this post from Alex’s blog.

There are gurus, self-help books and religions that for a price of our freedom and resources will tell us what we want to hear.  The guidance may be wrong, restrictive and potentially a mind trap of following another’s path rather than our own.

There are three alternative guides:

1. Inner Voice

Always honest, has our best interests at heart, and loyal to us. The Inner voice speaks to us in three ways:


Presents the problem and then the solutions.  All we have to do is remember the dreams; identify the problem; translate the dream code.


Flashes of inspiration; those eureka moments; the mind makes the connections and then presents them.


Our thoughts translate into feelings in our body.  Our body sensations tell us how it feels about a situation, and what it wants.Remember what was taught at Vipassana camp.Observe the bodily sensations.

2. Nature

Observe and translate what you see in nature into your life.In the meantime  the Buddha and Lao Tzu have done a lot of the work for me.

3. Ancients

Alex suggests Philosophy by Stephen Law to come up to scratch on the works of the Ancients.


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5 Responses to Three Good Guides

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Thanks for reblogging 🙂

    • Sure I would definitely want my children to read what you write.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thanks for you compliment, I am encouraged.

      • Keep writing ! Just be like the robin you wrote about.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Will do 🙂

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