Appreciate Your Lifestyle

Recall this post.Then look at the pictures below.


From the Silver Lion winning Saatchi & Saatchi Amsterdam 2007 campaign called “People in need”

Photographer Carl Stolz

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12 Responses to Appreciate Your Lifestyle

  1. Spikey says:

    They say if you live in “America” you are RICH compared with the rest of the world. I grew up very poor and it’s so heartbreaking to see our youth taking EVERYTHING for granted. It’s all about me and what I “NEED” now. Nothing seems “good” enough and they always “NEED” more…

    • The basic human needs are pretty limited.But wants can be unlimited.And once a want is satisfied it can be replaced by another want for something bigger or better.Unless a person decides to deliberately think about his/her consumption choices,consumerism is the result.And in a group of people focused on keeping up with others,its hard to get off the treadmill of consumption.
      Material things are good.And our modern economy has managed to mass produce goods and services and reach them to a larger proportion of the world’s population than ever before.This has improved the quality of life in general.But when you have more stuff than you can actually use regularly and still feel the need for more and better,its time for introspection.Why do we really need more stuff?What gap in our lives are we filling with more stuff?

  2. melodie68 says:

    tellement vrai, merci pour la visite, je partage volontiers sur Twitter 🙂

  3. engchick23 says:

    These are powerful. Want looks ridiculous when juxtaposed with Need. Thanks for sharing.

  4. looks like mockery 😦

    • I’m sorry you feel that way.To me it was all about appreciating even the smallest things in our life.The things we take totally for granted.
      Think how many of us carry a handbag regularly.How many more we have in our cupboards.How tempted we are to buy one more when we see a sale sign.
      Now instead of keeping unused or little used bags at home, waiting for a good occasion,think how many other useful things could be done with it.
      And if you are not into bags,think about clothes……
      The thing is to Be Mindful as the Buddhists say.

  5. shafiqah1 says:

    Truly puts our smallest indulgences under a microscope, my poor, is wealthy in so many parts of the world. I must be more frugal and more compassionate, and give, give, give. My Dad always says if you have a crust of bread and you are hungry, then you see someone else hungry, split the crust in half, this is being true to Heaven!

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