Observe Your Customers


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10 Responses to Observe Your Customers

  1. Alex Jones says:

    This is an important point made. Knowing how the customer reacts to the product or service can assist in improving their customer experience.

    • Yes.
      Have you finalized the sales channels of your game?

      • Alex Jones says:

        There are multiple markets. I am concentrating on a few test markets, which means I set different prices. Aquila is in its early stages. I will use a rolling method producing small batches and then financing the next batches from the sales of the former.

      • Will it be available in India or on the net?

      • Alex Jones says:

        I would love to have it available both in India and on the net. In India it would probably be better to have it made on location in that country rather than the expense of exporting it from UK.

      • I suppose so.Yesterday at the bookstore I was shocked to see that 1 pound=92 rupees

      • Alex Jones says:

        Exchange rates are a nightmare. I will be looking at ways to get round the exchange rates. One idea is to trade one product for another product.

      • I’m not sure I understand.
        What would you barter for Aquila?
        And nowadays the GOI has made a host of new rules for foreign exchange dealings.

      • Alex Jones says:

        These are just ideas as I am new to exporting. I have an interest in arts and crafts, so there may be something along those lines I could import into the UK and use Aquila as part of the bartering process.

        As longs as cash flow allows it I am happy to trade in alternative ways beyond money.

      • Something to think about Alex.

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