The Future Of Indian Cities

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10 Responses to The Future Of Indian Cities

  1. Rizwan Khatri says:

    The population in Bangalore shows a negative growth. I wish it was true. This is quite unrealistic unless there is a major calamity predicted in Bangalore alone!!!!

  2. Schalk says:

    Wow, these are truly amazing growth forecasts. I suppose the only question is whether this growth will be sustainable. It is a bit worrying that India already consumes almost twice its biocapacity… This growth will therefore have to be managed very intelligently, but I sincerely hope that India can pull this off and build a better life for all its citizens.

  3. Incredible India 🙂

  4. Alex Jones says:

    Amazing growth in those cities, whats their secret?

  5. Mandar Takalkar says:

    Can You Pl. mention the Source of above Data.
    But This is great compilation.

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