Career Choice Joke

A friend found this on Facebook.Behind the joke are some serious economic laws in operation.

For one, the law of supply and demand.See how few there are of the last three.In case of doctors consider how zealously doctors construct entry barriers to their profession.

Secondly It pays to be unique-Just consider the last 3 examples.

Then there is something as the first mover advantage–the reason why SatyaSai did better than the previous two.

Fourth,the more indispensable you can make yourself seem,the more you can make.Consider the doctor at the death bed and the unique spiritual guru showing the way to a happy life and after life.

Some people have a sense of self preservation and never boast about how much they make.Consider the understated IAS and the invisible politicians and business people/industrialists.

The list shows how much our society values what And nothing we each feel personally will change the knowledge<modern creature comforts<policy administration<health/life<spiritual well being.If money is important, consider how society will value your work in money terms.

Now if you must work,ie sell your time and labour, you now know some ways of how to make more by working the same amount or less.Please use the comment feature of this blog to add your own insights on how to make more from selling one’s time and labour.

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5 Responses to Career Choice Joke

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Excuse my ignorance, the last three are spiritual leaders (?) and worth more than the first three examples (?). I remember your quote about classmates being better qualified than Bill Gates, but it was he who ended up being their employer. There are a number of rules I am still defining on these type of people like Bill Gates, which includes creativity and trail blazing. The honorable positions like engineers, teachers and doctors are well trod roads, they pay well for their rank, but those that walk such roads will rarely set the world ablaze.

    • The last 3 are controversial godmen(conmen?)IAS=Indian Administrative Service,supposedly our Heaven Born superior civil servants in the Macaulyan mould.
      And you’re right those who tread the well trodden paths trade social status/respect and safety/security for the chance to make it big or fail big time or remain unremarkable.

  2. ? I do not understand the chart–but it is Saturday morning after all

    • I admit its an Indian Joke.Lakh=100k.IAS=Indian Administrative Service,supposedly our Heaven Born superior civil servants in the Macaulyan mould.IAS ,politicians and industrialists are bywords for corruption in the Indian lexicon.Nirmal Baba,Ramdev and Satya Sai are controversial Godmen.Satya Sai is the oldest with the biggest following.Ramdev plays politics these days.Nirmal Baba is embroiled in cheating cases.Chhodo Ghar Baar Chalo Haridwar=Leave home/leave your ususal life and go to Haridwar(a holy place / become a god man)

      Makes more sense now?

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