The Indian – American Story

wealthymatters.comHere are some facts about the Indian – Americans:

1.)The first major influx of Indian immigrants arrived in the US in the early 1900s to work as farmhands.After initially being considered Caucasian and allowed to become citizens,Indian-Americans were later barred from becoming citizens for many years,until passage of a 1952 law that lifted prior restrictions.

2.)Today there are about 32 lakh Indian-Americans.They are the third largest Asian group in the US.And their number is fast growing due to migration.

3.)87% of Indian – Americans are born outside the US.

4.)73% of Indian immigrants speak English very well.

5.)Indian-Americans are less likely to live in the Western USA (24%).

6.)65% support or lean towards Democrats.

7.)Indian-Americans are the largest group of H-1B holders.

8.)71% of Indian – Americans are married compared to 51% of US adults.

9.)86% of Indian-Americans marry among themselves,2% other Asian- Americans and 12 % other Americans.

10.)64% of Indian – Americans believe that having a successful marriage is important compared to 34% of the general US population.

11.)78% of Indian- Americans believe it is important to be a good parent vs.50% of the general US public.

12.)19% report discrimination in any given year.

13.)32% of Indian-Americans have a bachelors degree and 38% have advanced degrees compared to 18% and 10% in the general US population.

14.)Median annual household income of Indian-Americans is $88,000 compared to $49,800 for the US population.


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