Bill Gates On The Importance Of Reading


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8 Responses to Bill Gates On The Importance Of Reading

  1. I knew I liked him for some reason

    • How old were you when you started reading ? Do you remember what you used to read ? What were your dreams then ?

      • I was in grade one – but I was read to alot–my big brother used to read me poetry before I went to school–there was no kindergarten at my school
        I read everything – from my parents’ magazines to my brother’s high school books
        my dreams then? — you know I do not think I had any as a kid – which is weird, eh? I guess I wanted to be a writer since my grade 5 teacher liked a story I wrote
        how about you?

        • I started reading by myself when I was six.But the books did not get me dreaming.I read them with the single minded purpose of mastering English.I was just focused on learning new words,spellings,idioms,sentence structures etc.Perhaps the only books I read with any sense of pleasure were Enid Blyton’s Noddy.I liked the stories with elves and fairies too.But the trolls,gnomes,witches,wizards and warlocks scared me silly.I read books well beyond my years Shakespeare,Tolstoy about 11/12 years.I don’t supposed I understood everything and now I know I didn’t enjoy them fully but I ploughed through them determinedly.

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