Henry Ford On Advertising – I


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8 Responses to Henry Ford On Advertising – I

  1. Have you read a book written by Phillips Kotler. If you don’t, do read it.

    • No books just a few of his papers.Which was the title you had in mind?

      • I have 2 book from Kotler,
        1) Marketing Management- but this one focus on marketing textbook, full of info, but you know TEXT BOOK.

        2) Kotler on Marketing – this on are more leisure, easy to digest. I put this book in must read list.

      • Thanks. Will read Kotler On Marketing,Is there anything specifically you want me to note from the book?

  2. my husband keeps telling me this

    • He works in advertising?

      • no he is a contractor who advertises his business even when I do not want to spend the money

      • I too have a problem with spending on advertising.I know it’s bad but I can’t help it.I find it a lot easier to spend when I get something concrete in my hands.
        I think the clock analogy will help me remember to spend on advertising.

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