Ambani Family Tree

Here is the Ambani Family tree. It should come in handy while reading about the Ambani Empire.Its interesting to see what role family played in the early years when Dhirubhai was starting out; How family helped with expansion and how the family now distributes the responsibilities of  running of the empire amongst itself.

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15 Responses to Ambani Family Tree

  1. Cetak Kaos Murah says:

    Thank you.

  2. Shubham Roy says:

    Thanks! This was really helpful for my entrepreneurship project.

  3. R.VIGNESH says:

    v want 2 knw these lik guys info 2 boost up us nd achieve our big goal.

    • Sure.Follow my blog regularly and look through the archives,you will find many posts about billionaires.
      Wealthymatters offers updates via e-mail,Wordpress reader,RSS,Facebook,Twitter etc.So hopefully you can follow the blog in a way you find convenient.
      Here’s wishing you luck with your big goal!Mind if I ask you what it is?

  4. zap197842 says:


  5. Md. Alsanda says:

    Thank you for stopping by and the following 🙂

  6. nyparrot says:

    This is quite fascinating!

  7. gypsy639 says:

    I’m impressed. I’ve just recently started to look up my ancestors, and it’s a challenge. I like your work. Your WordPress blog is also quite nice. Are you a computer pro?

    • Thanks for following my blog Wally.
      I too like genealogy.I put up this family tree to help readers figure out the who’s who of the Ambani Family.Dhirubhai built his empire in one generation and his closest associates were family.Even today there are many family members in their businesses,and this family tree should help identify them.
      I’m glad you like my blog.I know my way round the computer and can usually pick up what I don’t know but I’m far from being a computer pro.

  8. Ali Bux says:

    I always wondered how the Meswanis were related to the Ambanis.Now I have the answer.

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