I’ve Joined Tne RandomBlog2011 Challenge

wealthymatters.comI’m a bit late, but I’ve decided to join the RandomBlog2011 challenge I found at http://whatsbuggingmetoday.wordpress.com/randomblog2011-challenge/. So here is what I’ll do :-

1.    I will read a minimum of 2 new blog posts every day from any of the tags on WordPress.com at a blog I have never visited before.

2.    I will look outside of my comfort zone and read something totally different from what I normally would. In this way I will expand my horizon.

3.    I will go “Tag Surfing” on the Hot Topics page.

4.    I will follow a “comment trail” – starting with a comment on a friend’s blog from someone I’ve never met and see how far it takes me.

5.    I will try and find new bloggers looking for readers and leave a “like” and a “comment”and ssk them to join in the fun and check out the RandomBlog2011 Challenge.

6.    I will tag my own posts with RandomBlog2011.

7.    I will visit the Daily Post and read through the comments and see if I can find someone looking for readers.

8.  I will specially visit and comment on blogs that may have recently joined the WordPress PostADay2001 or PostAWeek 2011 Challenge.

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One Response to I’ve Joined Tne RandomBlog2011 Challenge

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