Distribution of Billionaires by Country

According to Forbes there are 1011 billionaires in the world.The following table shows the top 10 countries by the number of billionaires.China has about a quarter of the number of billionaires compared to the US and India at third place has a little more than half the number of billionaires found in China.

Rank Country Number of billionaires
1  United States 403
2  China 128
3  India 69
4  Russia 62
5  Germany 53
6  United Kingdom 29
7  Turkey 28
8  Hong Kong SAR, China 25
9  Canada 24
10  Japan 22
10  Indonesia 22

The table below ranks Asian countries on the basis of the number of billionaires.

Rank Nation/Region Number of billionaires
1  China 128
2  India 69
3  Hong Kong SAR, China 25
4  Japan 22
4  Indonesia 22
6  Taiwan 18
7  South Korea 11
8  Saudi Arabia 10
9  Israel 10
10  Malaysia 9
11  Kazakhstan 5
12  Philippines 5
13  Lebanon 4
14  Singapore 4
15  United Arab Emirates 4
16  Thailand 3
17  Kuwait 1
18  Pakistan 1

If we add the Chinese and HK numbers,China truly has beaten India hands down.The only twist in the tale is that India remains home to the region’s wealthiest individuals. Ten of Asia’s top 25 billionaires are from India.The wealthiest 100 Indians are collectively worth $276 billion, while their top 100 Chinese counterparts are worth $170 billion. (Put another way, the three wealthiest Indians have more cash than the top 24 Chinese.)


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    Amazing how many Billionaires there are in Asia.

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