Working The Golf Course

wealthymattersAre you planning on networking over golf?If so,here are some things to remember:

Do Your Homework When Picking Out a Course: It should be one all of you will enjoy. Find out if the course has just aerated the greens. If so, steer clear. Is there major construction in the clubhouse or facilities? Where you choose to tee-off says a lot about how detail-oriented you are at work.

Be on Your Best Behaviour :Sports are revealing, your true personality is bound to show. Do you cheat? Are you a sore loser? Do you want your fellow players to think highly of you? Then put your best foot forward.

Observe Dress Codes :Picking the right outfit is also a test. Don’t be sloppy. Pick a style that works for you out of golf’s many fashion trends . 

Don’t be Too Competitive: The aim is to build rapport and trust, not to annihilate your fellow players. Remember to compliment your prospective client on good shots and putts.

Know When to Talk Business:Never talk business the first time you play with a new colleague or client. Never discuss business before the third hole, never after the 15th; and never when someone is preparing to shoot.

Drink With Care: If your client doesn’t drink, don’t help yourself to one either. But if he does, then go slow and easy. You’re going to talk shop at some point and should remain in control.

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