Direct Marketing Via Flyers

wealthymattersFlyers or fliers, circulars, handbills or leaflets ,call them what you will,they remain relevant to businesses,even in these days of mobile and internet marketing.If you have just started offering a new service or opened a new shop and/or wish to pull in customers with a discount or promotion,there is no better way to attract customers.Sure, today online ads can be geographically targeted and local cable and FM channels can be used to address a local customer base,but neither offers the level of localization a flyer campaign does.Think! You can have your business listed on Google Maps,but unless a person is actually searching for a service,they are unlikely to find your small business via Google.On the other hand by handing out fliers around the neighbourhood and posting them in prominent places, a person can get  the attention of potential customers not currently actively searching for a service.Facebook and e-mail lists are cheap ways of getting the word out but you first need to build a subscriber base.And cable TV and FM radio require a lot more money to get started and are more suitable to bigger businesses,not tiny businesses.

Having decided to go in for flyers,the next issue is getting them designed.This is going to cost you a few hundred rupees or maybe even thousands, depending on the complexity of the work and who is doing it.Now if you’d rather save this money,here are some options open to you:(1)Try to use software you probably already have in your computer like Paint,PowerPoint or Microsoft Word:Link .Else if you have access to it,you could use Photoshop.(2)Another option is to use free flyer templates and customize them to suit your own needs.Here are some sites with free flier templates to get you started:Link.Link.Link.

Personally I think the above options are OK if you are just beginning to get started and are on a very tight budget.Today’s desktop printers can do wonders and photocopying can turn out many inexpensive copies,especially if you don’t care for colour. But if you can manage it, do opt for professional design services and get your fliers printed by a good printer.While you may have to commit some money in the process, your per flyer cost will be lower and it will look professional.And believe spent on advertisement pays you back manifold.


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2 Responses to Direct Marketing Via Flyers

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Flyers are an effective marketing tool. Flyers are a method of marketing that I use.

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