Chetan Bhagat – One Night @ The Call Centre

wealthymattersLast week I joined a new library and this was the first book I checked out. Chetan Bhagat is the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history and he was featured in Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2010.Fast Company USA numbers him among the 100 most creative people in business. Chetan is today a very successful motivational speaker.After a mechanical Engineering degree from IIT Delhi and an IIM (A) MBA,Chetan worked in Hong Kong as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.He quit investment banking to start writing to make change happen India.His is believed to be the voice of India’s rising entrepreneurial class.After reading the book I can see why Chetan is India’s paperback king.Do read the book if you get a chance.Till then,here are my takeaways from the book:

“So, to impress you I have to break the same laws of physics I made?”-God

The most important call in the world – The inner call,the little voice inside that wants to talk to you.But you can only hear it when you are at peace. The voice tells you what you really want.It is easy to ignore-because you are distracted or busy or just too comfortable in life.You can ignore it until life brings you to a dead end and there is nothing ahead but a dark hole.Sometimes the voice isn’t subtle,it shouts and bites you.

Jobs that pay less could be better.They could define you,make you learn or help the country.

Progress is building something lasting for the future.

Everyone is capable.

Close your eyes.Think about what you really want,what you need to change in life to get it.Then act on those changes.And God will help you.

Have a life with meaning.

I want X happy but I can’t kill myself for it.

Family is a great support to have but its unfair to expect others to give up their happiness to make you happy.

I have no right to judge by my values.

Get rid of ego and make peace.

Be yourself.

Best if you quickly accept you have made a wrong decision.

Parental love is important for children.

A career which makes you compromise on your values and judges you is not worth it.

Knowing what you want is already a great start.

There are 4 things a person needs for success:1.A medium amount of  intelligence 2. A bit of imagination 3. Self-Confidence 4. Failure.Most people have the first two

A bad authority figure is like a disease of the soul.If you have had one for long enough,you get convinced something is wrong with you.Even when you know this person is the real loser you start doubting yourself.And that is where your confidence goes.

Don’t be scared and you will get your confidence back.

To be really successful,you must face failure.You have to experience it,feel it, taste it,suffer it.Only then can you shine.For once you taste failure,you have no fear.You can take risks more easily.Then you don’t want to snuggle in your comfort zone anymore-you are ready to fly.And success is about flying not snuggling.

Never be afraid of failure.If it has come your way.It means God wants to give you a real shot at being successful later.

Just because something is less than perfect you don’t stop loving it.

Use issues people have in their head to win.There is no one without issues in the head.Think about people’s weak, spots then you can win.

“You see,I have a  contract with all human beings.You do your best,and every now and then,I will come behind to give you a bonus push.But it has to begin with you.For otherwise I can’t distinguish who needs my help most.”-God

Don’t waste time working for a bad boss.

Consider using a severance package as start-up capital.

Everyone has a flaw.The trick is to find the flaw.

Don’t give up till time is up.

Promise lots of future dollars and people listen to you.

Just because someone is not a success now,doesn’t mean he hasn’t the potential to be one in future.

Its stupid to question why you have or got something in life.Accept your good fortune with grace.Don’t forego opportunities or your chance to have something you really want out of a need to behave in some way you think the world expects you to act.

The best way to deal with being a good-for-nothing non-achiever is to set goals that matter to you,no matter how small and achieving them and then taking note of them and giving yourself due credit.

“1)I can do whatever I really want 2)God is always with me and 3)there is no such thing as a loser after all.”

“We all have a dark side- something we don’t like about ourselves,something that makes us angry and something we want to change about ourselves.The difference is how we choose to face it.”

Does everything in life have to have a rational scientific explanation?

God speaks to you through your companions.

Rational or not,life just gets better with God in it.

‘Always think of Me,become My devotee,worship Me and offer your homage unto Me.Thus you will come to me without fail.I promise you this because you are My very dear friend.’

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    I joined Colchester library today, which is where I am reading and commenting on your articles.

    I argue everyone has potential, but few manifest that potential as action.

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