For The Ladies…… Ladies,here are a few figures from the Fortune list of top 10 best paid women business executives in India.Agreed pay packages are very different from incomes.Also incomes do not automatically translate to wealth…….but pay packages are public information and a great place to start a bit of goal setting…..

1#Kavery Kalanithi-Executive Director of Sun TV Network and wife of Kalanithi Maran. Pay package Rs 57 crore (pa)

2#Urvi A Piramal-Chairman, Peninsula Land.Pay package:  Rs 7.3 crore (pa)

3#Preetha Reddy-Managing Director, Apollo Hospital Enterprises.Pay package: Rs 6.9 crore (pa) Read more of this post


An NRI Writes…..

wealthymatters.comHere is something interesting ,on the NRI condition, I came across here.I thing its worth a read.

RAM KRISHNASWAMY writes from Sydney, Australia: Two years ago, I attended a reception for a Union Minister who had come to Sydney to make a big speech asking all NRIs to invest big in India and to attend the annual NRI yatra that was to be held at Bombay.

The Minister was expecting NRIs to queue up and pledge millions if not billions as was done by some Indians in Hong Kong and South Africa. He was most disappointed with the NRIs in Australia.

When question time came, the audience were suggesting to the Minister that for them to come to India to attend the meeting, they needed reduced fares in Air-India as well as freeaccommodation in Bombay! Read more of this post

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