Andrew Carnegie On Goal-Setting

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5 Responses to Andrew Carnegie On Goal-Setting

  1. ak says:

    good one

  2. It is a very nice thought, but what happens if one cannot achieve the goal that supposes to be the inspiration and happiness? Setting a goal is a one thing, achieving is another.

    • Well I’d say that if a person can’t achieve a goal just yet because it is a stretch for them given their skills and resources maybe they had best mark some intermediate goals and work towards them.Each small task accomplished would then draw the person closer to the final goal and inspire and make them happy in the meantime.
      And in case there is no further hope of achieving a goal why not introspect to find out why the goal was important in the first place? And what need its achievement would have given us?Then maybe we can define fresh goals which will help satisfy those needs.Then we should be able to find inspiration again and be happy while we work afresh towards these new goals.

  3. fabulous suggestion. thanks keerti for the share.

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