Gold Price Sources.

wealthymatters.comThe new national pastime seems to be watching the gold price avidly.My dad catches up on it in the newspapers and my mom insists on watching it on TV and giving me periodic updates. Never mind that there is so much delay in the prices relayed to make things pretty confusing.

If you must follow the gold prices, these are the best places to do so:

The COMEX prices are shown live on the chart at the top left hand side of the page here:

This link will show the MCX spot prices

And to get a sense of which way gold dealers think the prices will go,use this link:  Read more of this post


Jim Rogers Interview on ET NOW

Here’s the transcript of Jim Roger’s interview on ET NOW as published in today’s ET:

Gold prices are overdue for a correction and it will last for several months, says Jim Rogers, chairman, Rogers Holdings. In an interview to ET NOW , the commodities investor speaks on his outlook on commodities and rupee.
Gold is down 10% in the past week and the CME increased margins by 21%. What is your outlook for gold prices? Do you see gold to $2,000 in the near term and medium term?  Read more of this post

Treasure Trove – SS Gairsoppa

I found this story in today’s Indian Express. Enjoy!

In 1941, a Nazi torpedo tore a hole in a British merchant ship carrying a fortune in silver to England from India. The ship was part of a convoy headed for Liverpool, but it went down about 300 miles southwest of Ireland, disappearing in icy waters nearly three miles deep, deeper than the resting place of the Titanic.

Now, divers say they have found the wreck intact and they estimate its cargo at up to 240 tons of silver — a trove worth more than $200 million. They plan to recover it this spring. Read more of this post

Gold Investment Pyramid

wealthymatters Read more of this post

Today’s Lessons

wealthymatters.comIn 2008 gold was treated like any other high risk asset when the collapse of Lehman Brothers sparked heavy selling across financial markets in a widely-documented “dash for cash” — after which it bounced back hard to record highs. In Q1 2009, the gold price recovered long before other assets hit bottom.History would suggest that while gold has taken a beating, it is far from down and out.Monday’s tumble to around $1,535 an ounce dragged prices 20 percent below the record $1,920 reached last Thursday. But since its rise from just over $250 in early 2001, gold has bounced back from bigger drops, having fallen 25 percent between May and June 2006, and 27 percent in October 2008.General financial market Read more of this post

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