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Jeff Rusinow Definies Wealthy

wealthymattersSo, what’s the best definition of being wealthy?

Having serious money means being able to pursue your passions and championing the causes you believe in—travel, philanthropy, interaction with amazing people, health improvement… whatever—on your timetable. It means you get to schedule your priorities instead of having to prioritize your schedule.

I mean, that’s a fantastic situation to be in, don’t you think? Being able to go out there and explore and enjoy this magical planet on your own terms. If you’re healthy and happy, how could it get any better than that?

Of course, having money doesn’t buy happiness or love, and it doesn’t buy good health. But I can’t overstate the glorious buzz that financial freedom provides. It is a magical thing.

One more thing, which is sort of icing on the cake for becoming wealthy: you can define yourself earlier in life than other people can. For many, having this opportunity to ascertain one’s business and personal legacy more on your own terms is a true measure of success.

Here are my definitions of ‘enough’ money based on reaching certain thresholds. These levels assume no or very little annual income from working, and again, apply only to funds that are ‘working’ for you (that is, money that is clearly an investment throwing off a dividend or some kind of desired appreciation): Read more of this post

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The Importance Of Looks

A)Maria Sharapova




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That’s The Spirit !

That's The Spirit

Luxury Consumer Durables


Miele Fashion Master Iron = Rs 2,59,980 = Tata Nano Twist Read more of this post

VoIP For International Calls

wealthymattersThanks to several free apps, there’s no reason to spend money to speak to anyone, anywhere in the world. But if you must call a landline, you can save money using VoIP.



To call international numbers (landline or mobile), you need to purchase Skype Credits. Credits can be purchased online for as low as $5 using a credit card. After credits are added in your account, you can call over 40 countries with US calls starting at Rs 1.39 per minute. You can check rates on http:www.skype.com. You can also get 60 and 120 minute or unlimited calls per month subscription packs. A 2 hour call duration fair usage policy applies to unlimited packs.



Nimbuzz offers a service called NimbuzzOut for international calls. The process is similar: add Nimbuzz credits to your account by purchasing them using a credit card or PayPal. The minimum credit purchase is $10. Nimbuzz offers calling rates to US starting at 48 paisa per minute.Detailed rates for calling landlines and mobiles can be viewed on http:www.nimbuzzout.com.They also offer subscription-based calling minute bundles for a few countries for frequent callers. Read more of this post


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