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Forbes Real – Time Billionaires

wealthymatters,comA couple of days back I did a post on Bloomberg’s daily updated Billionaire’s list.Here is the link if you are coming in late: http://wealthymatters.com/2012/05/25/bloomberg-billionaires-list/.

Today I found out that Forbes has a similar list which is updated with a fifteen minutes lag. You can take a look at this list here:http://www.forbes.com/real-time-billionaires/.

The differences in the 2 lists are due to differences in the methodology used to estimate the net worth of these billionaires.The differences might seem huge,but keep in mind that if these net worths were so easy to tally up easily they wouldn’t be such large fortunes .

Now have fun watching huge sums being made and lost in the time it takes to snap your finger.

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What Makes You Well Off In America ?

wealthymattersThe calculator in the post  How Wealthy Would You Have Been In America ? puts out median figures of net worth of Americans depending on age and income.The median value is the quantity lying at the midpoint of a set  of observed values or quantities.

The figures in the post What Americans Consider Rich are the opinions of  the people surveyed by Gallup.

The figures below reveal the ground reality.They show where ,what a person makes puts them on the income pyramid and what a person has salted away puts them on the net worth pyramid. Read more of this post

Quiz: What Is Your Wealth Beta ?

wealthymattersHere is a quiz put together by Robert Frank to help you decide just how transient your wealth may be.Just answer the questions below honestly and tally up your score and read the result from the list at the bottom of the post.

I took the quiz and worried that I had a couple of threes but I managed to remain Low Beta.Heaving a big sigh…..Take the quiz and find out how much danger you might be in.

1. Is your total debt relative to net worth …

a) Less than 10% (1 point)

b) Between 10%-20% (2 points)

c) More than 20% (3 points) Read more of this post

Bloomberg Billionaires List

wealthymattersThe Bloomberg Billionaires List consists of a daily ranking of billionaires by net worth.You can access it here http://topics.bloomberg.com/bloomberg-billionaires-index/

What I find interesting about the list is the daily fluctuations in these net worth figures.Obviously,these figures are for staggering amounts of money simply because these people are so wealthy.But as a percentage of their net-worth it’s not all that large.This is in huge contrast to the “financial advisers” who so glibly talk about “true investors” being comfortable with upto a 50% drop in portfolio values.It’s obviously easier to play round with and/or lose someone else’s money. Read more of this post

How Wealthy Would You have Been In America?

wealthymatters.comIn India,as in other parts of the world, many people believe that migrating to the US is a sure shot way to wealth.Ofcourse,given the exchange rates, earning in USDs, or for that matter in GBPs,Euros,CHFs,CADs,AUDs,SGDs might make a person very rich in rupee terms.But expenses to maintain the living standards a person might take for granted in India,such as house help will use up a large part of one’s dollar  earnings.Then the investment options available are entirely different and steeper  taxes eat into one’s wealth.

Here are a couple of calculators to help you see what you might be potentially worth in the US. http://cgi.money.cnn.com/tools/networth_ageincome/index.html .If you are worth more than the median figures the calculator throws out, pat yourself on the back for doing a good job.Moreover given a purchasing power parity of 16 know that your rupee equivalent will just stretch so much more in India.Add in the new opportunities opening up in a rapidly changing India,and perhaps by staying home you don’t have such a bad deal after all!

Of course it’s great if you can earn in USD et, al and spend in INR,and enjoy the best of all worlds!

Just How Well Off Are You?

wealthymatters.comDo you know if you are a HNI? Or if your income makes you rich in India?

Envy and jealousy are pretty useless but there’s nothing like goal setting to get where you want to be wealth wise. It helps to know just where you stand.

According to the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER), you are rich if your family’s  annual household income exceeds  Rs 17 lakh.There are 3 million rich households in India comprising some 16 million individuals.So 1.38% of Indians are rich in income terms.

However income doesn’t equal wealth just as being rich doesn’t mean being wealthy.For more on this distinction please refer to this older post here:  http://wealthymatters.com/2011/01/26/the-definition-of-income-and-wealth/ . Read more of this post

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala In His Own Words

wealthymatters.comBelow is a favourite but somewhat dated Rakesh Jhunjhunwala interview.I frequently revisit the article to read about how he started out.Every time I wonder  how I might be able to do what I want to do with so few resources,I find reading his story inspiring.Also I like his way of limiting risk,dealing with loss , having flexible targets and dealing with unfavourable opinions.The red ink is mine.It’s to highlight the parts I find interesting.As a side note,I also like reading the account of the 1993 blasts,if for no other reason than to remind myself about the spirit of Mumbai and the grit of all Mumbaikars. Read more of this post

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-The Rare(ing) Bull

wealthymatters.comRakesh Radheysham Jhunjhunwala is a famous Indian stock investor.He lives in Malabar Hills with his wife Rekha ,daughter Nishtha and twin sons Aryaman and Aryaveer and works from his office at Nariman Point in South Mumbai. He regularly appears on various business channels on television to share his ideas and opinions on the Indian markets. He is well-known in investing circles as ‘Rocky’ and among his close associates as ‘Bhaiyya’.He is considered to be India’s Warren Buffett. In 2010, Forbes rated him India’s 51st and the world’s 1062nd richest man with a net worth  of $1.0 billion.He is the first dollar billionaire from India to have made his fortune primarily from the stock markets.

He considers Mr Radhakrishnan Damani as his guru (mentor) and best friend.He counts Kamal Babu, Ramesh Damani and Kamal Kabra as friends.He manages his own portfolio as a partner in his asset management firm, Rare Enterprises (Ra-Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Re- Rekha Jhunjhunwala).“The sheer passion for markets and the ability to do what I enjoy is what inspires me,” says Jhunjhunwala. He has been asked to manage other people’s money, but prefers the freedom of not having to answer to anybody, and has thus turned all offers down.Rakesh does not try to beat the market as opposed to investment managers who have to answer to a lot of people, and hence look at indicators like how much alpha — or returns in excess of the general market — they are generating. “The only person that I have to answer to is my wife, and she just wants to know what the absolute returns are, not whether I am beating the market”. He expects the market to do very well as he believes that India is at the beginning of an unprecedented multi-decade bull run.Obviously he believes in putting his money where his mouth is as he owns only Indian equities.There are 7-8 stocks that make up 80% of his portfolio, and his holding period stretches from 3 years to 10. Read more of this post

India’s 100 Wealthiest

Name Net Worth ($mil)
1 Mukesh Ambani 27,000
2 Lakshmi Mittal 26,100
3 Azim Premji 17,600
4 Shashi & Ravi Ruia 15,000
5 Savitri Jindal 14,400
6 Anil Ambani 13,300
7 Gautam Adani 10,700
8 Kushal Pal Singh 9,200
9 Sunil Mittal 8,600
10 Kumar Birla 8,500
11 Adi Godrej 7,500
12 Pallonji Mistry 6,900
13 Anil Agarwal 5,500
14 Dilip Shanghvi 5,200
15 Shiv Nadar 4,700
16 Malvinder & Shivinder Singh 4,200
17 Kalanithi Maran 4,000
18 G.M. Rao 3,500
19 Uday Kotak 3,400
20 Anand Burman 3,200
21 Indu Jain 3,100
22 Rahul Bajaj 3,000
23 Subhash Chandra 2,900
24 Micky Jagtiani 2,800
25 Venugopal Dhoot 2,650
26 Rajan Raheja 2,600
27 Sudhir & Samir Mehta 2,500
28 Gautam Thapar 2,400
29 Madhusudan Rao 2,300
30 Pankaj Patel 2,050
31 Cyrus Poonawalla 2,000
32 Yusuf Hamied 1,950
33 N.R. Narayana Murthy 1,900
34 Ramesh Chandra 1,860
35 Desh Bandhu Gupta 1,850
36 Chandru Raheja 1,800
37 Ajay Piramal 1,750
38 Baba Kalyani 1,720
39 Brijmohan Lall Munjal 1,710
40 Niranjan Hiranandani 1,700
41 Nandan Nilekani 1,600
42 Shyam & Hari Bhartia 1,550
43 Senapathy Gopalakrishnan 1,500
44 Vijay Mallya 1,450
45 Rama Prasad Goenka 1,410
46 Mangal Prabhat Lodha 1,400
46 Vikas Oberoi 1,400
48 Jaiprakash Gaur 1,350
49 K Anji Reddy 1,290
50 Keshub Mahindra 1,280
51 Anu Aga 1,240
52 Naresh Goyal 1,200
53 Anand Jain 1,190
54 Vinod Goenka 1,180
55 Virendra Mhaiskar 1,170
56 Brij Bhushan Singal 1,160
57 Rakesh Jhunjhunwala 1,150
58 Murugappa Family 1,140
59 B G Raghupathy 1,130
60 Murali Divi 1,120
61 Harsh Mariwala 1,110
62 Balvant Parekh 1,100
63 K Dinesh 1,090
64 G. V. Krishna Reddy 1,080
65 Bhupendra Kumar Modi 1,070
66 Shahid Balwa 1,060
67 Mofatraj Munot 1,050
68 Ashwin Dani 1,030
69 Tulsi Tanti 1,000
70 Benu Gopal Bangur 980
71 S.D. Shibulal 925
72 Kishore Biyani 912
73 Ashwin Choksi 910
74 Manoj Tirodkar 905
75 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw 900
76 Shobhana Bhartia 895
77 Rakesh Wadhawan 875
78 Abhay Vakil 870
79 Hemendra Kothari 860
80 Ramesh Agarwal 795
81 Gracias Saldanha 790
82 Analjit Singh 735
83 Prathap Reddy 685
84 Balkrishan Goenka 660
85 Shishir Bajaj 655
86 Kapil & Dheeraj Wadhawan 650
87 Jignesh Shah 610
88 Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi 605
89 Bhavarlal Jain 603
90 Hemant Shah 580
91 Karsanbhai Patel 575
92 Qimat Rai Gupta 550
93 Kamal Khetan 546
94 Ashok Sarin 545
95 Shantanu Prakash 538
96 Atul Ruia 536
97 P.V.Ramaprasad Reddy 535
98 Bhadresh Shah 526
99 Bharat & Ravi Sheth 501
100 Rajju Shroff 500

This is the Forbes List of the 100 Richest Indians.The Forbes list of the World’s Richest is so well known but not this list ;so I thought of putting it up here. These  people share a common background with us.They have faced and overcome challenges many of us can personally identify with. They skilfully seize opportunities that we too could potentially capitalize on. So why not learn from them? To this effect I am on the look out for authentic material and first hand reports on these people.I’ll put them up on this blog as I find them.

A quick glance throught the list throws up some surprises:No Tatas , Wadias etc.:Some old and prestigious names are missing.There are only 5 women in the list.Ther are a total of 69 billionaires in the list.The top ten account for nearly 50% wealth of the top 100. The combined fortune of India’s 100 richest people was $300 billion.Incidentally the wealth of the top ten in the list equals 12% of India’s GDP.


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