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Lesson From The Samudra Manthan


Learning From Samudra Manthan

Don’t be distracted from pursuing your goals.

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Living The Gita

wealthymattersThe Gita Saaram means, the substance of the Bhagavad Gita. The philosophy expressed in this verse is believed to help us lead a peaceful, mindful life in spite of life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. See if it works for you.

Why do you worry without cause?
Whom do you fear without reason?
Who can kill you?
The soul is neither born, nor does it die.

Whatever happened, happened for the good;
whatever is happening, is happening for the good;
whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only.
You need not have any regrets for the past.
You need not worry for the future.
The present is happening… Read more of this post

Earning Lakshmi Not Just Money

wealthymatters Lakshmi is wealth accumulated through honest and fair means. Money can be stolen as well. Lakshmi brings peace and happiness to the person who earns it. Stolen money only brings emptiness to the soul. If you notice Lakshmi’s idol, she has gold coins around her, signifying wealth. However, she is also seated on a lotus flower, and holds lotuses in her hands. The lotus is a sign of purity and peace, signifying spiritual well-being; of purity and beauty even in the muddy waters of the world. Without this peace, wealth has no meaning. – Chetan Bhagat

Ram Navami Greetings


Wishing on you all the experience Ram Rajya - In the reign of Sri Ram suffering belonged to no one .

And for the astrology buffs,the horoscope of Sri Ram:Link

More about fasting on this day:Link

Makar Sankranti


Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious day for the Hindus, and falls on 14 Jan every year. Makar means Capricorn and Sankranti means transition.Transition of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn in the northern hemisphere is known as Makar Sankranti. From this day begins the six-month long Uttarayana -Uttara meaning North and ayana meaning movement towards i.e. apparent migration of the sun. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in the Hindu Calendar month of Magha. After this date the days start becoming longer & warmer and the chill of winter in on the decline. Read more of this post

Kuber Mudra

wealthymatters,comMudra means gesture. Kuber Mudra is believed to help achieve one’s goals in general and wealth in particular.Hence it is named after Kuber, the Treasurer of the Gods.

To form this mudra the tips of your thumb, index, and middle fingers are joined. And the ring finger and pinky are folded into the palm as shown in the picture to the left.

After folding the  figures of both your hands into Kuber Mudras,you are supposed to focus with your full intensity on what you want and think of as if you have already got it. This Mudra is supposed to help channel your energy and motivation towards what you want.

In case of this Mudra, its less important how long you do it for as compared to how much intensity you do it with.Doing it for 15 minutes each morning,while focusing on what you want done during the day is supposed to generate the desired results. Sangeeta,a wealthymatters reader,swears by its efficacy for her.

In this mudra the thumb,index and middle figure come into play.The thumb is associated with Mars,the index finger with Jupiter and the middle finger with Saturn.Mars is associated with forcefulness,Jupiter with resplendence and Saturn with fixation on the essential.So by bringing together these forces a person achieves goals and becomes wealthy.

Devdutt Pattanaik Speaks

The piece below has very little to do with money matters.But I think that after Damini’s death these words deserve to be said. Damini did not deserve to suffer so and neither do other lesser known women who find themselves in a similar situation.Death to the perpetrators will not wipe the slate clean.Perhaps the only real, long -term solution is to make changes in our belief system to ensure that such things don’t happen and Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik shows us the way.

Dr. Pattanaik also uses mythology to help think about business problems.You can read his articles here.They are excellent to give you a perspective on life and business.

“For most of human history, the woman’s body has been treated as man’s property, in reality as well as representation. So adultery (where the woman participates) and rape (where the woman does not participate) were both seen as insult to a man’s honour. Read more of this post




A Kolam is a folk art using dry rice powder traditionally and chalk powder or white rock powder nowadays.For longevity, dilute rice paste or wet chalk are used.

Since kolams are thought to bestow prosperity to homes,even today,every morning millions of women draw kolams on the ground ,while praying silently. It is a form of meditation.Through the day, the drawings get walked on, rained out, or blown around in the wind; new ones are made the next day.

Kolams should preferably be drawn in coarse rice flour or atleast with rice flour mixed with chalk or rock dust.Rice flour is seen as an offering to  Lakshmi, the goddess of rice. In South India, where wealth is measured in terms of rice fields, Lakshmi plays an essential caretaker role to assure the family’s continued existence and survival. The goddess has the power to attract wealth and prosperity and to prevent poverty from entering the home.

By drawing kolams with rice flour,a person would be feeding the ants that will get their day’s food from these works of art and so the person would earn spiritual merit . The rice flour also invites birds and other small critters to eat it, thus inviting other beings into the person’s home and everyday life: a daily tribute to harmonious co-existence. It is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home, not the least of whom is Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity. Read more of this post

Govardhan Pooja And Annakuta

wealthymatters.comAnnakuta is the fourth day of the Diwali festival, just the day after the main Diwali day. It falls on the first day of the fortnight of the waxing moon, also known as Shukla Paksha, in the Hindu month of Kartik.

This is a very special day for the devotees of Krishna, who celebrate it as the anniversary of the day Krishna instituted the worship of the Govardhan Hill.

Long ago,on the day after Diwali the residents of Vrindavan used to worship Indra. Indra was the demi-god in charge of rains and the people believed that unless he was appeased Indra would withhold the rains and ruin the crops. Read more of this post


wealthymatters.comHindus consider certain days like Dhanteras, Akshaya Tritiya etc. auspicious for new endeavours.Today is Guru Pushyamrut Yoga,an auspicious mahurat ,i.e. a propitious  time to start new ventures.

According to Hindu astrology,the favourable alignment of stars on the day of Guru pushyamrut makes it ideal for new beginnings and  results in good -luck,success and prosperity.Pushya means to nurture,strengthen or multiply.Pushya is one among the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu astrology.Gurupushyamrut or Guru Pushyamrut Yoga is the day when the Pushya Nakshatra falls on a Thursday/Guruvar.In Hindu astrological terms there is amrut or amrit on the day and Guru Pushya Nakshatra Yoga helps convert your good effort to good luck.

The  planet Lord Brihaspati,i.e.,Jupiter/Guru,who is believed to be the preceptor pf the Gods,is believed to have originated in Pushya Nakshatra.Lakshmi,the Goddess of Wealth was born on Pushya Nakshatra.Hence the day is believed to be doubly good for building good fortune.

On this day,prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi and her blessings are sought,Buying gold on this day is believed to bring good luck,prosperity and wealth.It is also believed to be advisable to buy silver,gemstones or diamonds,start new businesses,buy property and other investments,do grahpravesh puja (house warming) and vidhya aramb (start schooling) on this day.


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