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Charity On Akshaya Tritiya

wealthymattersAkshaya Tritiya is considered an auspicious day by Hindus  If you are coming in late,you can read more about it here.Buying precious metals,making investments, buying properties, starting businesses and buying household goods are major activities people schedule for this day.Giving,daan i.e. charity is another major activity of the day.

The traditional belief is that whatever is given away freely with a good heart returns manifold.To do so on this auspicious occasion is to multiply the returns manifold.Giving implies that you have the good fortune to be in a position to help/give. So by giving on this day, people hope to be in a position to give more in the years to come,1.e. become more prosperous.

The common belief is that:

  1. If you do charity on this day, you will conquer the pain of death.

  2. If you help the poor and down-trodden, you will be blessed in your next birth.

  3. If you give clothes to poor people, you will get over diseases. Read more of this post

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Wealth Watch At The Mumbai Marathon


Tomorrow is a Sunday and its pretty chilly too in the mornings these days. But if you make the effort you can take in the the Mumbai Marathon tomorrow morning.You can pick a spot on the route shown in the map ab0ve. Read more of this post

An Interesting Take On Donating


Would you donate your last penny?

I can honestly say that I would not …

Which brings me to a related topic: it seems that many people who come into money take a chunk of it to donate. Perhaps to have the wing of a school named after them, or to do some other ‘good works’.

Whether the sum is $1,000,000 or $100,000 or $10,000, when donating what you consider to be a large sum, think about what you are really donating; you are not merely donating $1,000,000 (or $100,000 or $10,000), you are donating the future value of $1,000,000:

Let’s say that you plan on living for another 40 years, and you can invest your money at 5% above inflation, then the real value of your donation is not $1,000,000 but more than $6.7 million!

When thinking about donating that $1 million [AJC: The Cartwood Family Wing does sound tempting], I’m not really thinking too much about that $6.7 million [AJC: or, $28.8 million ... ounch!], I’m actually asking myself:

Would I donate my last $1 million? Read more of this post

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala On What Money Means To Him


Here is what Rakesh Jhynjhunwala has to say on what money means to him:

If you ask me what money means, I’d say it’s used as a means of exchange, among other things.But J Paul Getty, one of the world’s richest men, said: If you can count it, you don’t have enough of it.

Money is the harsh reality of life. Some love for it, some die for it, some use it well, some waste it, most fight for it, but most others desire it. Read more of this post


Originally posted on hifzan shafiee:

One of the most important principles of Islam is that all things belong to Allah, and that wealth is therefore held by human beings in trust. Therefore, our possessions are purified by setting aside a proportion for those in need.

Zakat – also known as zakah – is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, and serves principally as the welfare contribution to poor and deprived individuals. The payment of zakat is obligatory for every sane and mature Muslim whenever there is an economic activity resulting in the net increase in their wealth.

Zakat not only purifies the property of the contributor but also purifies his heart from selfishness and greed. It also purifies the heart of the recipient from envy and jealousy, from hatred and uneasiness and it fosters instead goodwill and warm wishes for the contributors.

Paying zakat compulsory, and the Qur’an states that those who pay zakat…

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Remember This;GIVE


Hare Krishna Food For Life

Keerthika Singaravel:

Thank you Shafiqah1.Powerful words indeed and a spur to action.

Let us all try to provide one meal a day to a person in need.A packet of biscuits a day is a good way to start.Start carrying one in your handbag or briefcase.Keep some in your car.

And do take a look at these 2 links.

Originally posted on shafiqah1:

The Hunger Pangs (For keerthikasingaravel)

Concave belly…

But it’s the eyes where starvation lives.

Big eyes, bones exposed, skeletal needs,

Bared to the eyes of the world.

And who will save the children?

Or the Mothers who cannot breastfeed because they cannot lactate.

Many of us have NEVER seen real hunger.

Many of us have NEVER felt real hunger.

Some Do not give change to those who ask,

Some of us Don’t bother to offer change or food to those who

Look so damn hungry.

What of  fathers who cannot find work to feed their families?

The ones who fast for G-d everyday, all day, without end?

The funerals for the dead, go on and on.

There are more starved people than

ALL Cancer Patients and Aids Victims combined.

And our tears are heartfelt but cheap.

Have you been so thirsty that your belly folded

Into itself and you…

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Read A Book.Give A Book.


This is a nice scheme I came across today and I though I’d share it here.The scheme is good for people with children.A great way to get them to read and at the same time teach them to give the same joy they receive.Here is the link http://www.wegivebooks.org/books . Happy reading.

The Art of Giving

Keerthika Singaravel:

Giving is not the sole privilege of the well – to – do.Every body can enjoy the benefits of giving.A smile costs nothing in money terms but can easily make another person’s day better.We can give of our time,attention,knowledge,skills,goods,money , influence and prayers.

Originally posted on Matthewscottwallace's Blog:

Originally posted at theamorist.com

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” ~ John Bunyan

Whether it is a handful of change or a lifetime of devotion, the act of selfless giving is the most important action one can take. At its core, giving is the ultimate form of spiritual practice.

For ages, religions and spiritual groups have honored the art of giving. In India, the word seva, or selfless service, is expanded by the phrase, “Manav seva Prabhu seva,” meaning service to mankind is service to God. By carrying out seva, one is giving his or herself to the universe by offering time, money or prayer. In Christianity and Judaism, the concept of tithing, or an offering of 10 percent of one’s time or money represents spiritual giving. And in non-spiritual circles the common concept of donation represents…

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On What Do India’s Wealthy Spend Their Money?

wealthymattersWhat do India’s wealthy like to buy with their buckets of money?

Customized holiday packages, luxury watches, diamonds and jewelry, and home electronics (including fancy mobiles and high-end cameras) — in that order.They buy luxury cars, too, but not Ferraris and Lamborghinis as one would expect. More like Honda and Toyota, according to the study conducted by Kotak Wealth Management and rating and research firm Crisil Ltd.The wealthy here are defined as households with a minimum average net worth of 250 million rupees ($5.6 million) for the financial year ended March 31, 2011.

Researchers interviewed 150 super-wealthy individuals in India’s major cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, and others like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai to put together the study. Senior personnel at major global luxury brands, art gallery owners, product dealers and industry body representatives were also interviewed. Read more of this post


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