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How To Deal With Problems?

wealthymatters” I think problems should be attacked immediately. Confront the problems, any kind of problem,,,,,. The truth will come and the problems will go.”-Carlos Slim Helu

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The Fifty Richest People On Earth

Carlos Slim On Prompt Action


Carlos Slim Helu On Technology


Carlos Slim Helu On Crisises


How To Live Life ?


Carlos Slim Helu On Emotion Management

wealthymatters,com“Do not allow negative feelings and emotions to control your mind. Emotional harm does not come from others; it is conceived and developed within ourselves.”

Carlos Slim Helu On Other People’s Opinions


Carlos Slim On Making Mistakes

wealthymatters.com“It is not important NOT to make mistakes, but the mistakes to be small” - Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim and the Giving Pledge


Carlos Slim Helu is one of the prominent people to have declined to sign the Giving Pledge promoted by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.Here is his reasoning:

“I prefer that Bill Gates create a Microsoft or Steve Jobs create an Apple.” Giving away their personal wealth “is an interesting idea… but it won’t solve any problems. They will make that money tax deductible and give 5% [of the overall amount] every year to [the actual] charity. If they collect $300 billion, they will use only $15 billion every year. That won’t solve any problems.” Read more of this post


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