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Better Than Yesterday

Dr Anji Reddy

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Sara Blakely Of Spanx


Sara Blakely was 27, working for Danka , selling fax machines door-to-door when one day she had her ‘a-ha’ moment. She was going to a party and needed footless pantyhose to go with her outfit, so she cut the ‘feet’ off her pantyhose. And Bam! Problem solved! Somewhere in there, she’d been praying to ‘the universe’ to give her an idea that would help her make millions and touch people’s lives. She’d abandoned the idea, but when she was watching the Oprah show and heard Opera say that she too cut off the feet of her pantyhose, the spark was rekindled, almost as a confirmation that she should go ahead with her idea.

When Sara began to research undergarments for women and how they’d been made for the last 50 years, she was astonished.  From the absurd sizing protocols (only one average waist measure was used on all the products, regardless of the size of the garment), to how products were tested (on manikins not real people), Sara saw that the undergarment industry needed a female perspective – insights from a real woman wearing these items to shape the product development direction so the products were useful, effective, and as comfortable as possible.  She broke the mold, and developed a completely new approach to developing women’s undergarments. Read more of this post

Eric Sprott – Find Of The Day

wealthymattersMy find of the day was the works of the billionaire hedge fund manager Eric Sprott. You can read them here:Link.

A good post you could start with is this :Link

Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, you are bound to benefit from being aware of the source materials he refers to.

Self Esteem – Billionaire’s Key To Success

“All the successful people I knew in life had high self-esteem and all the losers had low self-esteem.”- Bill Bartmann

Bartmann was born one of eight children. His parents were uneducated and so could not get well-paying jobs. As a child he had to move frequently and was even turned out of dwellings because they were deemed  unfit for human habitation.He was once part of a travelling carnival. Also he was at one time a  high school dropout. He was a teenage alcoholic and a member of a teenage gang called known as the Manor Boys.

When Bartmann was growing up his self-esteem was low. He gives credit to his childhood sweetheart, Kathy, for opening his eyes to this fact. Read more of this post

The Chobani Story

wealthymatters Chobani is a brand of Greek yogurt.Five years ago,the brand had next to no revenue.This year the revenue will be more than $1 billion.The brand grew more than 2662% in the last three years and has made its sole owner,Hamdi Ulukya,a billionaire.

Hamdi grew up milking sheep at his family’s dairy in Eastern Turkey. He ate the thick, tangy yogurt of his homeland day and night. He claims that his mother made the most amazing yogurt and that he and his five brothers fought over who would get the scrim of cream on the surface.

After studying political science in Ankara University,he came to New York City in 1994 to learn English. Uncomfortable in the city, Hamdi moved upstate, where he found farm work while attending classes at State University of New York at Albany. Read more of this post


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