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Commercial Sign Design and Installation

wealthymattersA business that occupies a building needs to have the appropriate signs in order to attract customers and also provide clear directions to anyone else. There are various solutions for sign displays in commercial settings. There are products available for small storefronts in single story buildings and there are also products made for high rising office buildings.

Corporate buildings often have attractive signs that make a major statement. For example, there may be large installations of the company’s name and logo right above the main entrance. It is also important to have the official number of the building clearly visible from the street. Displays are often made of high quality metal alloys such as stainless steel and aluminum. Each letter and number may be carved out precisely and then polished and processed for a smooth texture. Of course, it is important for outdoor signs to have weatherproof properties. Read more of this post

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The Most Effective Way To Get Rich

wealthymattersThere’s a story of an Italian Billionaire who when asked if he had to start over from scratch what he’d do replied that he’d take any job to make $500, buy a nice suit, then go to parties where he’d meet successful people. The implication being that he meet someone who’d offer him a job, share an opportunity, etc.

I’m almost 40 and of the 5 career type jobs I’ve had in my life (I run my own business now), 4 came through networking. Only 1 came out of applying to a job listing.

But networking isn’t something you just go out and do. It’s immensely more effective if you have simple people skills. And when I say simple, I mean spend a couple hours reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Read that and try it out at a party and you’ll be blown away by how effective it is and how after meeting and talking with a few people and asking them about themselves, how they’ll want to help you, without you asking them.

When I asked my old boss who was the most remarkable sales person I’ve met, what he did to improve his sales skills, he told me that right out of college without any skills or pedigree degree, he took a job as a limo driver. He was reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and thought it would be worth trying out. He would ask his customers one simple question when they got in the limo, “So tell me about what you do.” That simple question resulted in a huge increase in tips he received. Notice he didn’t ask his customers, “What do you do?” There’s a subtle difference. If you ask the latter, many people will just tell you in a few words what they do. If you ask the former, it’s an invitation for them to tell you their story. Few people will turn that down. Read more of this post

Ultimate Secret Of Stock Trading

What Is The Ultimate Secret Of Stock Trading?

Bhav Bhagwan Hai

Why Entrepreneurs Make Bad Employees

Entrepreneurs are generally disruptive by nature and have the knack of dismantling the existing structure and recasting it in a different mould. That is where successful entrepreneurship comes from.

An employee in a company is expected to execute the established protocols. If everyone starts applying their brains then it is a sure recipe for failure. That’s why you need one leader…Too many cooks spoil the broth.

So entrepreneurs make very bad employees even in their own companies they founded that’s why you see entrepreneurs moving to strategic roles leaving day to day business to employee CEOs.

Advice For A Young First-Time Start-Up CEO

wealthymatters1.   Your team is everything.
2.   Solve a problem you are passionate about.
3.   Never outsource your core competency.
4.   Be c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ lean but don’t be afraid to spend.
5.   Build a brand, not a product.
6.   Never eat lunch alone. Always be closing.
7.   Ideas are worth sh*t. Execution is key.
8.   Don’t take momentum for granted.
9.   Learn to monetize from the get-go.
10. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals. Link
11. Focus. It’s easy to get carried away with multiple projects.
12. Stay uncomfortable.
13. Be metrics driven. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.
14. Utilize social media to its fullest.
15. Consistently seek out constructive feedback.
16. Know your competitive advantage and stay obsessed over your competitors and the industry. Read more of this post


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