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All About Billionaires

All about billionaires

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Recruiting Via Social Media

Recruiting Via Social Media

Companies are increasingly using sites like Twitter and Facebook to recruit the right candidates. Uber Cabs and Twitter India are hiring. But unless you follow the right people on Twitter or are on their mailing list, you’ll never know about it. These companies aren’t putting out advertisements on their websites or using traditional recruitment companies to find them the best candidates; but have been sending out mailers and tweets to customers or followers. Read more of this post

The Tata Way

wealthymattersHave you ever wondered what makes a business last many generations? If so, the Tatas can teach you some things.Tata began operating as a trading firm in 1868.Today,the business consists of round a 100 professionally managed companies. Read the essay below by Ratan Tata to get an idea of the attitude that builds multi-generational businesses:

“I believe it’s really important to have companies survive over the longer term. I hate to see major corporations disappearing from the scene because someone has cashed out, because the managers have been unable to escape their comfort zones, or because boards have not been sufficiently nimble to change with the times. When these things happen, decades of effort and innovation go to waste. It’s bad when businesses don’t fight it out, whether the enemy is a competitor’s new product, an industry-transforming innovation (such as transistors), or the impact of something clearly outside a company’s control (like climate change). Read more of this post

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Enduring Companies

wealthymattersHere is an excellent essay by Marcus Wallenberg,chairman of SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken),founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1856. He also serves as the chairman of Saab and Electrolux and sits on the boards of directors for Investor AB and AstraZeneca, among others.

Joseph Schumpeter focused his attention largely on new businesses and their role in eating the breakfast of established companies. But in my view, “intrapreneurs”—risk takers on the inside—are just as important as entrepreneurs in promoting new ideas and new technology.

Read more of this post

Lessons From 22 Year Old Shoes


Do you still have a pair of shoes that are 22 years old? I do.

They still fit, but that isn’t why I keep them. I haven’t worn them for more than two decades. They are beat up and have no traction, which is kind of important for a basketball shoe. I keep them, despite pleas from everyone to throw them out, because of the lesson they taught me and that I never want to forget.

Back in the early 90’s, when I was a young teenager, I wanted to have the very best. Since I was easily influenced by marketing and friends, I wanted to have the first pair of Nike Air Force 180 shoes. How could you pass up the Admiral, David Robinson, and the commercials that went with it (now that I watch it 20 years later, it’s pretty embarrassing, but I promise it was awesome at the time)?

I don’t even like the Spurs — I’m a Jazz fan — but Mr. Robinson was pretty awesome, plus there just aren’t a lot of good athletes to admire. But anyways, that’s off-topic. Read more of this post


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