World’s Ten Most Expensive Fruit

Fishing In Troubled Waters

There is a time for war and a time for peace. And professional war-makers and peace-makers can both make money.

Here is a little story. Once two crows were fighting over a chappati. Since neither crow was able to prevail over the other, they invited a stray dog nearby to help them split the chappati into two exact halves.The dog tore the chappati into two and then each time one or other of the crows alleged that the other crow’s portion was bigger,the dog ate a small bit from one or the other crow’s portion till the whole chappati was gone.

Now,if you find making money from other people’s conflicts interesting,you could consider entering the field of conflict resolution.There are courses to help you prepare to do so.

Abilene Christian University Conflict Resolution

Quikr NXT – I’m Lovin’ It !

wealthymattersAs I give my home a major overhaul, I am finding the new Quikr NXT instant messenger from Quikr ,a major life-saver.

Normally when a gal has to take out an ad to sell some or other piece of furniture or household-item, she has to share contact details, such as a mobile number and/or an e-mail id and then put up with the inconvenience of callers who consider only their convenience and not that of the seller. Now, I’d personally like to attend to my work and make bigger money  than the few rupees from selling my old stuff. But sellers are unlikely to be pleased, should I tell them so. And then I have the same need for rest and relaxation and sleep as other people and dislike being disturbed in my down-time. Worse, in the past my e-mail and telephone number have been harvested and used by assorted brokers and marketers,pedalling their wares. This time,Quikr NXT has made my life easy. Read more of this post

Virtual Equity

wealthymattersHave you ever wondered how billion dollar infrastructure projects are financed by the private sector in India? Here is the story:

Say there is a Rs.10,000-crore project, with a 70:30 debt-equity ratio. The promoter needs to put up Rs 3,000 crore as equity . Suppose he can scrape together Rs 1,000 crore. He will inflate the project cost to 15,000 crore.

His required  equity contribution now goes up to Rs 4,500 crore but he gets credit worth Rs 10,500 crore, more than enough to finance the entire project.

During implementation through promoter-owned companies, money will be taken out of the project, to fund a part of his equity contribution and to grease the palms that allow such an inflated project cost to go not just unchallenged, but actually blessed.

While implementing the project, he will start another project, take money out of it to fund the remaining part of the original project’s equity contribution and to service the loan on the first project once its construction is over. Then he will start yet other projects, to actually finance the second project, and so on. The first project will turn into a cash cow, if this string of loan-financed projects can continue to mushroom long enough for the loan on the first project to be fully paid off. Read more of this post

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