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Signs Your Husband Is Hiding Money

wealthymattersYou may have good reason to be suspicious if your husband:

• Maintains complete control of bank account information and online passwords.

• Is secretive about financial affairs.

• Owns a P.O. box or private mail drop box, which receives account statements and bills.

• Has meaningful unreimbursed business account expenses.

• Deletes one or more personal financial programs, Quicken or Quickbooks.

• Says the computer containing important financial records has mysteriously “crashed.” Then, he removes the hard drive for a data retrieval attempt, and it’s never to be seen again. Read more of this post

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Ideas Are Cheap

wealthymattersFollowing is an excellent answer from Quora, to a person’s question of how he can get on board developers cheap for his start up. In a sense this answer applies to all workers you want to join your start-up. The following logic is something I find many inexperienced, would-be entrepreneurs refuse to see.

“I am sure that you are sincere, well-meaning, and smart. But this is about the eight-millionth time I’ve heard from somebody who thinks that having an idea makes you somehow so interesting to professional developers that they will swoon for you. The first million times that was perfectly fine, but at this point the question just makes me stabby.

A good software developer is one of the most in-demand skill sets on the planet right now. And note that what you need isn’t talent, which any 12-year-old can have. What you need is skill, which is what you get when you start with talent and add years of hard work.

Anybody who has put in those years of work can do basically what they want. They could:

  • Take an interesting, pleasant, high-paying job at a place like Google with great toys, great chefs, and great job security;
  • Find a cushy telecommuting gig, where they do something undemanding from the comfort of their home office;
  • Find some interesting job that takes them to any country they want to visit;
  • Take a high-pressure job in finance to make stupid sums of money;
  • Join an existing startup that has funding and a nice office and a foosball table; or
  • Found their own start-up.

Read more of this post

Afreen’s Advice

wealthymattersFlitting between England, Dubai and Mumbai, Arfeen Khan coaches clients in the art of making, retaining and multiplying money. He is a life and financial coach rolled into one, and the author of The Secret Millionaire Blueprint.

Here’ some of his gyan:

1.)80 per cent of people grow up believing either that money is hard to make, or that it is the root of all evil. These thoughts are rooted deep in our subconscious, and have overtaken our thinking. There’s nothing wrong in making money. So stop feeling guilty if you desire to make loads of it.

2.)If fear, lack of clarity and knowledge are reversed, you are on your way to being a financial genius.

3.)Nine out of 10 people have no idea what they will do with their lives. It’s always, ‘I want to make money, enjoy time with family and go on a few holidays a year’. Interestingly, every rich and successful person is clear about goals to achieve. Read more of this post


wealthymattersYesterday, TCS, India’s largest software exporter, celebrated 10 years of listing on the stock exchange. It was on August 25, 2004, when TCS made its trading debut on Dalal Street at a 27% premium to its issue price. And, there has been no looking back for the stock, churning a compounded annual return of 27% for a decade.

The market capitalisation of the company has risen from Rs47,232 crore to a mammoth Rs4.94 lakh crore in 10 years of listing -the highest among all Indian listed companies.

Investors who stayed put in the stock in the period would have made over three times the average annual compounded returns from fixed deposits. For instance, an investor, who would have put Rs1 lakh in the TCS initial public offer (IPO) at Rs850 a piece, would be sitting on Rs12.52 lakh on Monday . TCS is currently trading at Rs2,521 after two bonus issues -one in July 2006 and other in June 2009. The company has also paid handsome dividends.

In contrast, if the investor had put Rs1 lakh in a fixed deposit with 9% interest in 2004, he would have made Rs2.37 lakh by now without considering taxes. Read more of this post

Copy To Thrive!

wealthymatters Players in the Rs 2,400-crore ,fast-growing ,Indian,online classifieds industry are freely ‘borrowing’ listings from rival sites in a bid to become the largest in their categories and attract funding. Only a few take the consent of advertisers.Not only small classifieds but large online classifieds players are also resorting to this practice.

The trend of replicating advertiser information is rampant across industries. According to IAMAI, jobs is the largest category in the online classifieds market constituting about 60% of the market share followed by matrimony (22%), B2B classifieds (13%) and real estate 7%.

Copying classifieds means saving on-ground sales staff, so a company can manage with a small tele-calling team, using cloud technologies, which scouts for listings across other platforms. Read more of this post


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