Shopclues Sucks

Shopclues, just like OLX and Quikr seems to be indulging is some sharp practices thought up by their SEO personnel. The latter two merely stuff their sites with false ads with wrong contact details, to make their site seem busier than they are and rank for more combinations on search engines. They have investors who need to be impressed and their income comes from ads which pay depending on the amount of of supposed web traffic on their site, which they try to increase by cheating. And of course,they earn from featured classifieds, though I’m sure most of us willing to go for the paid classified way would take our business to better places. These false classifieds are a pain, but after a while we learn to spot them easily by the same pictures used, suspicious names and addresses.  Shopclues goes one step further, to compete with other e-commerce sites, they hope to attract bargain minded customers via price comparison sites and google ads which feature products at great prices on the Shopclues site. The rub is when customers pay for the products and expect delivery.Then Shopclues has in place a splendid system to save itself from losses and make it hard for people to collect on the promises they have made to customers.

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Take a look at the video above about a well planned life for a happy tomorrow. Now look beyond the fact that it’s an ad by Exide Life meant to sell insurance products.

I like the fact that at the end of the video,the wife asks her husband what he has planned for “now”. Planning out the future is important and wealth building for the future is good. Planning and making provision for future needs cuts down on unnecessary suffering somewhere down the line and ensures that ‘Kal Khoobsurt Hai’. Read more of this post

Common Sense


On Happiness

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Great Idea


Great idea to keep customers in-store and more likely to discover something they need.


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