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Now you no longer have to wait till your plane had landed and taxied off the active runway before switching on your cell phone,tablet,PDA,laptop and other gadgets.The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has now lifted the ban on the use of personal electronic devices at all times during a flight, provided they are used in a non-transmitting or “Airplane” mode. Now the civil aviation requirements in India are in line with the  regulations of the US Federal Aviation Administration and European Union Aviation Safety Agency.So at long last you can read,write,compute etc. and get some work done generally during flights instead of compulsorily eating ,sleeping and/or reading  in flight magazines.Thank god for small mercies!

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Kings’ Estates

wealthymattersA measure of power and the ability to project force has always been at the heart of property ownership.Any body willing to conquer, colonize, squat, legislate, litigate, subvent the existing system etc. is able to amass property.Purchase,that too at “market rates” is optional.In fact,markets are made,

So ever wonder how things are done in the charmed circles?The detailed investigation report into the allotments under the discretionary quota, brought out by the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), under the directions of the  Punjab and Haryana High Court,shows that  66 allottees got  multiple allotments under this quota.Of them,three gave the address of Teen Murti Bhawan. Teen Murti Bhawan in New Delhi is the residence of India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru. HUDA allotted two of the three allottees above, four to ten marla plots in Faridabad, the third one got two allotments in Gurgaon. One cent is equal to 1.6 marlas.

Krishan Lal, son of Bitti Ram,  of “Quarter number 87, Teen Murti House, Outside Compound, New Delhi”was allotted a ten marla plot “plot number 71/37″ in Faridabad. The allotment was made on March 10, 1983.Another allotment was made to Krishan Lal under the same address “plot number 638/55, Faridabad”.  Read more of this post

Origin Of The Term Real-Estate

wealthymattersThe oldest document using a term recognizable as ‘real estate’ in historical records is dated 1605.This use of ‘real’ reflects the ancient feudal customs in relation to land and the its ownership introduced into England over 500 years earlier, by William the Conqueror in 1066.The word ‘real’ is descended (like French ‘royal’ and Spanish ‘real’) from the Latin word for ‘king’. In the feudal system,which has left many traces in the common law,the king was the owner of all land, and everyone who occupied land paid him rent directly or indirectly (through lords who in turn paid the king), in cash, goods, or services (including military service). Property tax, paid to the state is a relic of this system.

Not all of England and Wales became ‘real estate’ in the ‘royal’ sense by reason only of the Norman Conquest. The Domesday Book provides evidence that some holdings of land in England and Wales remained in the hands of people, who were not the king. They were allodial land. Two main classes of that allodial land are distinguishable, by inference and synthesis, from, the Domesday Book; the passage and enforcement of the Act of Supremacy 1534 and Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 by Henry VIII of England; Welsh Law prior to 1535; and the history of Probate in England and Wales; namely, that of the Roman Catholic Church, and that of the parts of Wales where the custom known as ‘dadunnedd’ under Welsh Law applied. Read more of this post

Tax Load On Your Car

Have you ever wondered why owning a car abroad seems so much easier?Here’s your answer:

Taxes On Cars

Men And Their Excuses

wealthymattersA diamond ring might not be number one on every woman’s wish list of gifts from her SO.But who amongst us doesn’t enjoy gifts?Personally I find generosity very appealing.And I don’t just mean generosity in the sense of large numbers or even large figures as a proportion of income,savings,net-worth etc.There is something as the perceived intention of the gift ,the time,thought,attention and effort that have gone into procuring it and the the hopes and the freeness with which it is given.The calculation seen behind so many of these responses (Link)is so very repelling.Whats so great about receiving conditional gifts?And do we really want to be with people who judge us by our gift preferences?And where there is a convergence of personal values where is there any scope for any negative judgments?

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