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wealthymattersSince 2000, over 61,000 high net worth individuals – all dollar millionaires – have relocated outside India. The millionaires who left India vastly outnumber the number of people declaring incomes above Rs 1 crore annually – just about 43,000.

Online Personal Loan


Personal loans have been around forever. And in most cases, a loan against collateral is preferable, as it works out cheaper over the long term. But, in cases where you just don’t have the assets to mark a lien upon or are not inclined to offer them as collateral or haven’t the time or complete freedom to mark a lien upon them or find it socially or business-wise unacceptable to be perceived to be in trouble by openly pledging your assets, a personal loan is an option, as long as you have a documented work history and access to a few pay slips. Personal loans often work out cheaper than credit card loans. Read more of this post

Shopclues Sucks

Shopclues, just like OLX and Quikr seems to be indulging is some sharp practices thought up by their SEO personnel. The latter two merely stuff their sites with false ads with wrong contact details, to make their site seem busier than they are and rank for more combinations on search engines. They have investors who need to be impressed and their income comes from ads which pay depending on the amount of of supposed web traffic on their site, which they try to increase by cheating. And of course,they earn from featured classifieds, though I’m sure most of us willing to go for the paid classified way would take our business to better places. These false classifieds are a pain, but after a while we learn to spot them easily by the same pictures used, suspicious names and addresses.  Shopclues goes one step further, to compete with other e-commerce sites, they hope to attract bargain minded customers via price comparison sites and google ads which feature products at great prices on the Shopclues site. The rub is when customers pay for the products and expect delivery.Then Shopclues has in place a splendid system to save itself from losses and make it hard for people to collect on the promises they have made to customers.

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Remembering The Fire In Ourselves


“We need to remember that we are fire. However, some ash gets accumulated over the mind. Once you blow the ash away then the fire will rise up and shine brightly.

If there are too many worries in your mind, then just say ‘Hmm’ (with slight force), and all that ash that has accumulated on the mind will be wiped off and you will feel fresh and bright.

Often we sit and worry, ‘Oh, this is not happening’, or, ‘That is not happening’. Life is such, sometimes what you wish won’t happen; sometimes what you don’t want happens. Never mind. Don’t sit and brood over it. Move on; march ahead remembering that you are fire.

When you know you are fire, nothing can burn you. People say, ‘I am burned out. Oh, I am so tired!’ What burned out? Come on! How can anything burn fire? Move on, knowing that you are fire. Let go of the past and move happily into the future.
And take life in its totality. Some pleasant, some unpleasant experiences – all these things happen and then they go away. Knowing that ‘I have all the blessings, I have the Grace, the best will happen to me’, you should move ahead.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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