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Secured And Unsecured Bill Consolidation Loans

wealthymattersThere might come a time when you are considering taking a bill consolidation loan to consolidate your debts.  This will help to put all of your debts into one loan and give you one payment and one interest rate to make every month.  Having this will help you to pay off your debt quicker and will allow for a total payment to be smaller every month.  When you set out to look for your bill consolidation loan you will find that a lender will offer you two different types.  These are a secured loan and an unsecured loan.  Before deciding what type of loan is best for you it is important to know the difference between the two.

Secured Debt Consolidation Loan Read more of this post

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Your Relationship Status Affects Your Wealth

wealthymattersJay Zagorsky, a research scientist at Ohio State University ‘s Center for Human Resource Research,uses data involving 9,055 people who participated in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, which is funded primarily by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how people’s relationship choices affect their wealth position. The NLSY is a nationally representative survey of people in the US, conducted by Ohio State ‘s Center for Human Resource Research.

The same people are interviewed repeatedly over time, giving Zagorsky the opportunity to see how wealth changes as a result of marriage and divorce. Zagorsky used data from 13 NLSY surveys conducted between 1985 and 2000. All the respondents were between 21 and 28 years old in 1985.

People who remained single had a steady, but slow growth in wealth – from less than $2,000 at the start of the surveys up to an average of about $11,000 after 15 years.

People who got married and stayed married showed a sharp increase in wealth accumulation after marriage, growing to an average of about $43,000 by the 10th year of marriage.In fact, married people increased their wealth about 4 percent each year just as a result of being married, with all other factors held constant. Read more of this post

Happy Ganpati Shopping!

Happy Ganpati Shopping

Top Defaulters

Top Defaulters

So now what do you think of the competence and/or honesty of our bankers? Read more of this post

Afreen’s Advice

wealthymattersFlitting between England, Dubai and Mumbai, Arfeen Khan coaches clients in the art of making, retaining and multiplying money. He is a life and financial coach rolled into one, and the author of The Secret Millionaire Blueprint.

Here’ some of his gyan:

1.)80 per cent of people grow up believing either that money is hard to make, or that it is the root of all evil. These thoughts are rooted deep in our subconscious, and have overtaken our thinking. There’s nothing wrong in making money. So stop feeling guilty if you desire to make loads of it.

2.)If fear, lack of clarity and knowledge are reversed, you are on your way to being a financial genius.

3.)Nine out of 10 people have no idea what they will do with their lives. It’s always, ‘I want to make money, enjoy time with family and go on a few holidays a year’. Interestingly, every rich and successful person is clear about goals to achieve. Read more of this post


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