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Men And Their Excuses

wealthymattersA diamond ring might not be number one on every woman’s wish list of gifts from her SO.But who amongst us doesn’t enjoy gifts?Personally I find generosity very appealing.And I don’t just mean generosity in the sense of large numbers or even large figures as a proportion of income,savings,net-worth etc.There is something as the perceived intention of the gift ,the time,thought,attention and effort that have gone into procuring it and the the hopes and the freeness with which it is given.The calculation seen behind so many of these responses (Link)is so very repelling.Whats so great about receiving conditional gifts?And do we really want to be with people who judge us by our gift preferences?And where there is a convergence of personal values where is there any scope for any negative judgments?

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Puthandu Vazthukal


Fighting For A Fortune

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Ram Navami Greetings


Happy Ram Navami!

Reality Check


Let’s Make A Fresh Start


You Heard The Man


The World’s Biggest Life Insurance Policy


Guinness World Records has announced the World’s Biggest Life Insurance Policy ever issued.

However,neither the record keeper nor the issuer would say who is covered by the massive policy.Dovi Frances, the adviser who arranged the policy, would only say it went to a well-known technology billionaire from California.

The wealthiest of the wealthy often buy life insurance for several reasons.Primary among them are tax purposes.In many countries,a wealthy estate is often hit with a hefty tax bill, and there may not be enough cash to cover it, since many millionaires and billionaires hold their wealth in investments.

This $201 million policy overtakes the previous record of $100 million.It is more complicated than most. It’s underwritten by 19 different insurance companies, each with a slice of less than $20 million. If a single company took the risk of the whole policy they would go into bankruptcy if a claim were to be made.

The yearly premium is in the low single-digit millions.

Apology Accepted


wealthymattersIf you have been reading my blog for a while,you know I had a run-in with ICICI-Lombard’s SEO team last November.Link.

On my return to Mumbai,following is a mail I found in my inbox.It does make me feel a bit better about the matter for it shows that where an individual errs,the organization has a system in place to try to right issues.But I am not sure about removing an archived post.Right from the beginning,I have faithfully kept intact all posts,comments and replies without any whitewashing and I am not so certain I wish to change things now.Relationships,I believe are made not by never being wrong but by saying sorry when things go wrong.And as such,I believe,this is the end of this matter. Read more of this post


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