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Losing The Fear Of Poverty

wealthymattersMany people stick to jobs they detest. Why? It’s often the fear of poverty and the fear they can’t manage without a regular source of income. Not having a regular source of income, is far from ideal and stressful, but many people learn to manage and it gives them an shakeable confidence in their ability to weather financial reversals in life. Quite unlike the multi-millionaire here:Link

Here is the story of Sagar Yadav to help you lose your fear of poverty: Read more of this post

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Bruce Lee’s Advice


Learning From Jeff Bezos

Learning From Jeff Bezos

Working Backwards Amazon Style

wealthymatters“There is an approach called “working backwards” that is widely used at Amazon. We try to work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it. While working backwards can be applied to any specific product decision, using this approach is especially important when developing new products or features.

For new initiatives a product manager typically starts by writing an internal press release announcing the finished product. The target audience for the press release is the new/updated product’s customers, which can be retail customers or internal users of a tool or technology. Internal press releases are centered around the customer problem, how current solutions (internal or external) fail, and how the new product will blow away existing solutions.

If the benefits listed don’t sound very interesting or exciting to customers, then perhaps they’re not (and shouldn’t be built). Instead, the product manager should keep iterating on the press release until they’ve come up with benefits that actually sound like benefits. Iterating on a press release is a lot less expensive than iterating on the product itself (and quicker!). Read more of this post

The Cost Of Undergraduate Education

wealthymattersIn the HSBC survey The Value of Education: Costs Vs Quality India as emerges as one of the least expensive destination for undergraduate education among 15 nations and Australia, Singapore and USA top the cost chart.Over 4,500 parents in 15 countries and territories were surveyed to examine parents’ attitudes and behavior towards children’s education around the world.

The average annual cost including university fees and living expenditure of an undergraduate international student in India is $ 5,642, of which $ 581 is university fees.  At $ 42,093 a year, Australia – a hugely popular destination for Asian students – is the most expensive option globally followed by Singapore at $ 39,229 and USA at $ 36,564. Overseas students need to spend on an average $ 35,045 a year for undergraduate studies and living in the UK, according to the survey.

Education costs are lower in emerging markets such as India because the state-run universities are heavily funded by the government and also the cost of living for overseas students is lower Read more of this post


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