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“Whether it is a meeting, a flight, an appointment or a date, ensure you are there when you say you will be there. This may feel like an old-fashioned tip to give, but it has served me well for five decades in business.

Are you going to be on time for your next meeting? Don’t be late.”- Richard Branson.

Today if you have an idea and a business plan, there is probably some or other way to raise money for it somewhere or the other in the world. The offshore sources from which startups in India are raising funds include individuals, private equity players and crowdsourcing

Cross-border transactions of resident Indians are subject to the regulatory regime provided by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and businesses are supposed to know the law before raising capital. However ,the government observed that many of the startups are being promoted by very young and inexperienced individuals. Moreover, the amount raised by some of them run into only a few lakhs, making it difficult for them to hire law firms to ensure that they comply with FEMA.

So the RBI has now set up a dedicated helpline for advice on cross-border remittances which are subject to guidelines issued under the Foreign Exchange Management Act.The helpline is actually an email ID ( through which the RBI will respond to queries and offer guidance/assistance to start-ups for undertaking cross-border transactions within the ambit of the regulatory framework.While seeking guidance, start-ups have to provide complete information to the RBI and mention the specific issues on which they need guidance in relation to the Foreign Exchange Management regulations so that the personnel attending the helpline can offer timely and effective information.

The Key To Success Online


Why 2016 Is The Greatest Time Ever To Start A Business – Richard Branson

2015 was a fantastic year for start-ups. There were explosions in innovation and changes in attitude and access to help drive a boom in more people setting up their own businesses. But 2015 was just setting the scene for 2016 – it’s a hugely exciting time to be founding a start-up.

wealthymattersWe find ourselves in a position where entrepreneurs have more control than ever before over their destinies. For example, no longer do you have to beg investors for huge cash injections in return for equity. More and more entrepreneurs are making the decision to bypass them entirely, raising capital through means such as crowdfunding instead – some hitting huge amounts. Take healthy ice-cream business Oppo, who passed their crowdfunding target of £100,000 within minutes on platform Seedrs. Not only did they end up the fastest crowdfunded food and drink business ever, but they became Seedrs’ most-overfunded campaign. That’s an endorsement for your business you can’t buy. Read more of this post

Train Yourself To Look At The Dark Side

wealthymatters“Recognising a problem is an invitation to do something about it. That is the main lesson I learned from the formative experience of my life, in 1944, when the Nazis occupied Hungary. I might not have survived if my father hadn’t secured false identification papers for his family (and many others). He taught me that it’s much better to face harsh reality than to close your eyes to it. Once you are aware of the dangers, your chances of survival are much better if you take some risks than if you meekly follow the crowd. That is why I trained myself to look at the dark side. It has served me well in the financial markets and it is guiding me now in my political philanthropy. As long as I can find a winning strategy, however tenuous, I don’t give up. In danger lies opportunity. It’s always darkest before dawn. ” – George Soros


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