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Anatomy Of Offshore Holding Structures

Anatomy Of Offshore Holding Structures

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Nominee Shareholder

wealthymattersA nominee shareholder  is a person or entity listed as the holder of the securities or shares of an offshore corporation rather than its actual owner, which allows them to remain anonymous.

Traditionally, the way to maintain the privacy of investors and business owners has been the use of bearer shares. However, these titles are losing popularity due to restrictions imposed by measures against money laundering. But the offshore industry soon devised an alternative and introduced the figure of the so-called nominee shareholder or trustee. This can be a natural person or another offshore company that is exclusively incorporated to be used for this purpose and is usually provided by the registered agent or the formation agency ie a corporate trustee.

The data contained in the incorporation documents of the company, which are either filed with the registrar of companies or deposited privately at the registered office, depending on the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where the company is incorporated, refer only to the nominee shareholder.

So how are the rights of the real owner guaranteed? Because the nominee shareholder is included in all the documents of the company, it is necessary to take additional steps to ensure the rights of the real or beneficial owner. This can easily be solved by means of a document called declaration of trust. It is a private contract in which the nominee shareholder recognizes holding in their custody the company´s securities, although they actually belong to their client. Read more of this post

Offshore Registered Office And Offshore Registered Agent


Offshore Registered Office :

An offshore registered office is the official address of an offshore company, to which authorities, courts, and suitors send their notices, letters and reminders. The registered office can be anywhere in the jurisdiction of the offshore incorporation. It must always be an effective address for delivering documents to the company.

Offshore Registered Agent :

An offshore registered agent represents an offshore company in the jurisdiction of incorporation. The registered agent normally provides a registered office address, arranges liaison with local authorities and receives all legal and tax papers and/or notices addressed to the underlying company, corporation or foundation. Not all jurisdictions require a registered agent but virtually all would necessitate a registered 0ffice. Read more of this post

Incorporating Offshore

wealthymattersAn offshore company is a corporation or other type of legal entity which is incorporated or registered in an offshore financial centre or “tax haven”‘.

The extent to which a jurisdiction is regarded as offshore is  a question of perception and degree.Classic tax haven countries such as Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands are quintessentially offshore jurisdictions, and companies incorporated in those jurisdictions are invariably labelled as offshore companies. Then there are certain small intermediate countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore ,sometimes referred to as “mid-shore” jurisdictions, which, while having oversized financial centres, are not zero tax regimes. Finally, there are industrialised economies which can be used as part of tax mitigation structures, including countries like Ireland, the Netherlands and even the United Kingdom, particularly for corporate inversion.Also, in federal systems, states which operate like a classic offshore centre can result in corporations formed there being labelled as offshore, even if they form part of the largest economy in the world ,for example, Delaware in the United States.

Similarly, the term “company” is used loosely, and at its widest can be taken to refer to any type of artificial entity, including not just corporations and companies, but potentially also LLCs, LPs, LLPs, and sometimes partnerships or even offshore trusts. Read more of this post

How To Use An Auto Title Loan To Improve Your Credit


You might be in a situation where you need cash and you need it quick.  However it is difficult to get the loan that you need because you have bad credit.  This is where an auto title loan can help in a couple of different ways.  Read on to find out just how an auto title loan can help you and get you the money that you need quickly.

Get The Money You Need Quick

If you own your car and hold the title in your hands you could be holding the key to the money that you need.  This is especially good when you have bad credit and an emergency happens where you need money.  This could be for things such as car repairs, medical bills, a home improvement that cannot wait or a grubstake to get started in business. Most of the time you will receive your money the same day and a credit check will not be necessary.

Auto Title Loans To Improve Your Credit Read more of this post


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