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Social Media Assets

wealthymattersDespite Hrithik Roshan’s new release Bang Bang proving a super hit, consumer goods firm Emami, which signed Roshan for HE men’s deodorants this summer, is looking for a new face for social media.Hrithik has a huge mass connect on traditional media. But with different audience logging on to social media, Emami may rope in a new face only for social media.

With social media emerging as one of the most popular hangouts for Indians, brand endorsement deals in the country are getting hugely influenced by how active celebrities are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs.

Celebrities who engage actively on the social media space are getting paid at least 25%-30% higher than those who don’t, even if the latter have huge mass connect according to Vinita Bangard, promoter of talent management firm Krossover Entertainment, which represents Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan.The socially active ones have a clear edge not only in terms of higher fees but also in getting more endorsement deals.

Priyanka Chopra, with over 7 million followers on Twitter, is a hot favourite, along with stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan who all have more than 8 million followers. Read more of this post

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Purchasing Passive Income

WealthymattersIf you have ever wondered how to purchase passive income, here is a story told by Matthew Duckworth:

“I have a friend who sold his first company in Texas when he was in his early 20’s for about $15 million. Since then, all he does is invest in passive cash flow situations… oil & gas, real estate and a few start-ups. No stocks. No bonds. Just private investments that create cashflow.

He has a small team of people he works with that scour the earth to find private investment deals that will generate a return over 20%/yr and he’s actually done better than his target. My partner and I have very much the same process.

With small investment deals, its actually kinda easy to get this kind of return. The problem is finding enough deal flow and having a real understanding (aka Charlie Munger’s “Circle of Competence”) to eliminate most of the risk. That’s the hard part. Read more of this post

Real Estate Returns From Cities

Real Estate Returns From Cities

Returns From High End Apartments

Returns From High End Apartments

Living With The Stars

WealthymattersFor a discerning buyer looking to acquire a luxury pad in Mumbai, Vithal Nagar Co-operative Housing Society in the suburbs may not sound like a great address. But, what if this is where Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s Juhu bungalow Pratiksha is located? That information is certainly going to draw in several loaded home buyers. Because of Bachchan’s presence here, the location has turned into a prestigious one.Residents take pride in being part of this address. Prices are higher as it is counted as a prominent address.

Apartment prices at Anuradha Satyamurthy Residency, the seven-storey building that shares the compound wall with Bachchan’s bungalow Pratiskha, are around 20% higher than other buildings in Mumbai’s Juhu area, home to several Bollywood stars.Builder KV Satyamurthy converted his bungalow, built in 1962, into this high-rise apartment in 2001. He has retained two top floor terrace apartments for himself, and sold the other five that fetched him nearly 20% premium, and still continues to be hot property. Read more of this post


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