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Investing In Solitaires

wealthymattersWhile the BSE Sensex, the country’s equity benchmark, and gold prices rose 68% and 70%, respectively, since 2010, the price of one carat of high quality solitaire has doubled during the same period to around Rs4 lakh from close to Rs2 lakh, that too without any wild swings. And there is the added advantage of being able to flaunt them.

A solitaire is priced anywhere between Rs75 lakh to Rs 20,000,depending on its weight and other parameters. There are some 123 factors that diamond sellers follow around the world. The major ones that determine the price of a diamond are its colour, clarity, cut and carat. A flawless diamond with a certificate from an international lab is considered the best quality. This last point is the most important. You will find a lot of cheaper stones with local certificates.

If you sell an old solitaire, with a certificate of authenticity from an international lab, jewellers across the country offer 90% of its prevailing market price.


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Average Age Of First-Time Home Owners

wealthymattersThe average age of Chinese people buying a house is 27 years old,the figure is 42 years old in Japan and Germany, 36 years old in Taiwan and over 30 years old in the United States. So now you know what your peers are doing…….

Home ownership might not be everything in the wealth game. It might not always be an asset. But it does bring a measure of stability in one’s life. And for many people, if they miss the chance to get a foothold in the property ladder in the early years of their working lives, they never manage to acquire one fully-paid off house by the time they are ready to retire.

Mortgages might not be the best way to acquire properties, but is everybody able to sell off businesses successfully and buy fancy houses? So think your situation over carefully and decide whether you’d rather wait or just go ahead and buy a place. Unless you are perfectly content with the family home and have no intention of ever buying a house.

The Best Value Automobiles

wealthymattersSafety, fuel economy, utility, comfort and price are all serious factors to take into account when deciding the best value automobile. In addition, the amount that the vehicle will be worth once the owner has moved is a good way to judge value. After all, second hand automobile buyers are unlikely to go for a vehicle that is more trouble than it is worth. So a great way to decide on a good value automobile is to follow the Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards :Link

Copy To Thrive!

wealthymatters Players in the Rs 2,400-crore ,fast-growing ,Indian,online classifieds industry are freely ‘borrowing’ listings from rival sites in a bid to become the largest in their categories and attract funding. Only a few take the consent of advertisers.Not only small classifieds but large online classifieds players are also resorting to this practice.

The trend of replicating advertiser information is rampant across industries. According to IAMAI, jobs is the largest category in the online classifieds market constituting about 60% of the market share followed by matrimony (22%), B2B classifieds (13%) and real estate 7%.

Copying classifieds means saving on-ground sales staff, so a company can manage with a small tele-calling team, using cloud technologies, which scouts for listings across other platforms. Read more of this post

Be Careful Of Buying Diamonds


In the past few months, the diamond bourse in Mumbai and several dealers of the stone have installed a small, black machine in their offices. The little device, which can be mistaken for a laser printer linked to a computer, is one that separates the natural rough diamonds from the much cheaper synthetic stones.

The timing is interesting and unmistakable. At the time, the Winsome group, India’s largest bank defaulter (with loan outstanding bigger than Kingfisher’s),emerged as the world’s largest maker of synthetic diamonds. While in India, banks have directed forensic audit on Winsome and government agencies are probing the money trail following the Rs 6,500 crore credit default, Winsome has consolidated its position as a leading player in man-made diamonds by operating from its bases in Singapore, Malaysia and the US. Read more of this post


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